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The Minimalist Mom started as a place for me to document my family’s journey to a minimalist lifestyle. Fed up with clutter stealing our dollars and time, I took the plunge in September of 2010 and donated, sold and recycled five car loads worth of house wares, electronics, clothing and furniture. Months later my husband was offered an overseas job opportunity. We sold all of our furniture and donated another car load of belongings before moving.

Minimalism continues to be one of the greatest gifts I have given myself and my family.

What can Minimalism give you?

  • Time: less time cleaning, tidying, shopping, fretting. More time living, connecting, pursuing dreams and sleeping.
  • Money: we paid off $80,000 CDN in debt in just under two years. By far the biggest thing that helped us beat debt was embracing a simpler lifestyle.
  • Space: you don’t always need to move into a bigger home to get more space. Once we reduced what we owned we had spacious closets and rooms. And we didn’t have to increase our mortgage to get them.

Want to know more? Here are some posts to get you started.

Want more inspiration and ideas? Check out my books Do Less (Adams Media, 2014) and for parents, The Minimalist Mom’s Guide to Baby’s First Year.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your minimizing efforts. I promise it’s worth it!



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  • Thank you MM (Minimalist Mom)- you always have such great ideas and you are an inspiration. I subscribe to you emails and always look forward to getting them. Thank you.

  • I really enjoy your weekly emails they sure inspire me especially since my husband and I are downsizing. Would love to win the Verselette, it loos fashionable and versatile. Blessings to you and your family

  • Hey I just found this blog, and you’re from Vancouver as well~! Very cool! My biggest pet peeve about “stuff” is “free stuff,” gifts I get that I don’t want, that’s why I try to convince people not to do gift exchanges during holidays and birthdays because most of it ends up in the garbage or junk you don’t want.

  • Thought of you yesterday while listening to NPR’s Diane Rehm show on your local public radio station. Interviewed an author who wrote the book WAIT. What made me think of you was the topic of being busy…and generally busy for no good reason. Interesting.

  • I really prefer to buy products made in the USA, Canada, or Europe. I am hoping that the people are paid better wages, and that the items, particularly toys, are made responsibly and with better quality materials. We’ve been able to do this fairly often with food, with cloth diapers, and we’ve been able to find SOME toys (Tag Toys and Green Toys, some things on Etsy). But clothes..man that is a whole other story. It is HARD to find stuff made here. Of course there’s Frye, like you said. I bought some of their boots used and they are in great shape. And I have found one children’s brand that is 100% made in the USA (Brooklyn to be specific) right down to the thread, it’s called Winter Water Factory. Great stuff. You have to pay more but honestly the clothes last SO much longer and are way better quality. If you find other good brands I hope you’ll post them, as I really have searched and have not found much.

  • I think it’s wise to wait on the double stroller. My sister bought one and, even at 3 kids now, rarely uses it. She’s found an ergo for the baby in the basket is enough. Baby starts in the stroller and if someone else needs a ride they switch it up. I also know she’s popped her 3 year old in the ergo on her back occasionally if the baby was asleep in the stroller (obviously this only works for shorter distances!). I only have one kiddo but I’ve noticed in my neighborhood a lot of the older siblings seem to use scooters to get around. Another commenter suggested a balance bike, which is the same idea. Either of those might be the ideal option, especially if you can find something small enough to stow in the Bob basket.

  • Love your blog. just subscribed. i will be reading every post (past and future)bin my attempt to minimalize and declutter my life.

  • Hello! I’m a young mom of one little girl (hoping to add more asap!) and have never really lived on my own. I’ve been a live-in nanny for over a year, and lived at home most of the time prior, but I’ve finally found the live of my life and we’re moving into an apartment in February! In November I paired down my and my daughters belongings so we don’t have much. We’ll need to purchase a lot because between my fiancée and I we don’t have much household items.
    I’m wondering if you have a post, or know of any resources for STARTING out as a minimalist household? There are so many for getting rid of stuff/de-cluttering but I haven’t found any for ny situation! I don’t want to get wrapped up in buying too much, etc. Or am I going to be fine going at it in my own way?
    Any advice or info is much appreciated!!!
    Love the site- keep up the encouragement :0)

  • Wow, love your blog. I’m excited to try some of your ideas. I’m currently getting organized, simplifying, finding ways for my twins grow up with “less” and more. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I love your blog! I have always been once to “purge” as I can’t stand clutter, but do save things of meaning from my ancestors which I have organized in photo (CD) boxes with the person’s name on it………..grandkids love looking at these.
    But……..to the frig point. I love a non cluttered clean frig and am trying right now to empty my freezer by eating all of it and starting over. I think this was your idea. The one thing that came to mind reading this was my feeling that we need to be prepared for disasters and that does take up 2 closets in our garage. I have enough food for at least 6 months in case that day ever comes. It is one of my most important goals………..I would never want my children (now grown) to have gone hungry or not have water to drink. If they day were to come we would gladly feed our wonderful neighbors. (formula and diapers for babies……..sanitary products for women also)
    We have always paid off credit cards in full………….or we wouldn’t sleep at night! We also give 10% of our income to charities we feel close to and know all our money is going to the cause. I just wanted to mention how important I thought using space to take care of our family in the event of a disaster is so important. Here in California if we have an earthquake that closes roads the grocery stores would be empty in hours. No grocery stores carry stock in their back rooms anymore. Having food and water is a great comfort to our family. Thank you for all your wonderful thoughts.

  • Im so inspired by you! We moved to Canada from California and I joined a co-op so I wouldn’t have to go to the store with the baby in the snow so much. I was always so proud of my “stash” which we purchased in bulk. Now that the kids are older, and I am trying so desperately to declutter the home and simplify many times over, it’s interesting to think about the pantry and fridge this way. I never considered that hoarding food also complicates things and may lead to clutter or waste. I like what the other reader said about having a back up for emergencies, but I’m going to try to use up the extra of what we have and keep the fridge more simple with better meal planning. thank you!

  • Really interested in the book giveaway. Reading the site and trying to implement for my own life…now how to get my husband and kids on board.

  • I love your blog!!! You’ve saved me (and maybe my hubby and son… I’m working on that). Hopefully I win that giveaway #2! = )

  • I just found your blog. Love it! I’ve added it to my blog list. I will have to get my husband to read it. I would love to take a “vacation” from our satellite TV bill. Maybe this will convince him to give it a try. Although maybe I shouldn’t ask because…he does host a show on TV. lol

  • Hi. I just finished reading “The House That Cleans Itself”, which started me on my journey of having less stuff. Then today I came across your article in the globe and mail and saw your blog for the first time. This is really something that I want to aspire to. It is hard to let go of stuff and I dont know how far I will go but I also have the belief that all that we need will be provided and I need to have faith in that. Anyway, I have a husband and 3 kids ages 18 months, 6 and 8. I know your son is still young and I was wondering if you could give me any resources for parents of school aged children trying to live with less. I just dont know how to help my kids understand that living with less will benefit them, and help them want to get rid of toys, books and clothes. Thanks!!

  • Hi Rachel, there seems to be a problem with the RSS feed. It’s no longer coming through (I use Yahoo) and clicking on the RSS link at the top of this page led to an error message. Hope you can look into it. I enjoy your blog and would like to keep reading!

  • Hi Rachel, I just wanted to say hi. We’re a minimalist family in Calgary: 400 square foot apartment, one baby, and no car (and no lots of other things too). We meet a lot of skeptics, but we really enjoy what we’re doing. It’s nice to find some like-minded people! We’ll be moving in the summer so my husband can start his PhD and his research on essentially what motivates people to buy too much stuff and how to want less. Keep doing what you’re doing! We’re in it too.

  • I just started down this path, myself. I have a long way to go to simplify and declutter, but it’s the journey, the “purge” that I think I’m most excited about.

    I’m sure I’ll get tons of tips here. Can’t wait to dig in!

  • Rachel,

    I can’t thank you enough for your sight. You have been truly inspirational to me. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, I just sit down at my computer and read some blogs from your website and almost instantly feel at peace. I am looking forward to your book in May. Thank you again, you are an inspiration.


  • Hello! I read an article about a man who became a minimalist, and then saw a documentary about tiny houses. While my family is probably not one that can handle living in a tiny house, I do love the idea of living with less junk and having more time and money. I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to try this and he seems willing as well. This lead me to research a bit more and I stumbled upon your website! I’m loving your blogs and advice so far and I can’t wait to get started. We are a family of four so I know it’s going to be hard at first but the idea of less junk and more time to enjoy each other seems wonderful! Thank you for this website/blog and sharing your advice with us!

  • I LOVE your site. Thank you. I’m Sara. I’m your new follower. 😀 I want to be more of a minimalist so bad.. it seems like such a mental battle.. Your blog is an inspiriation for me.

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