A Tisket, A Tasket Go Burn Your Baskets

Until recently I thought my solution for a clutter free home was storage. If I just had the right basket for keys and receipts and rubber bands and Salt Lake City Olympic Games pins my home would be clutter free. Storage solutions were an oft talked of thing for me and I was constantly perusing the IKEA website for the next great piece of Swedish designed particle board furniture that would make all my stuff disappear. If I just had more closet space I could fit my wedding dress, three bridesmaid dresses from my sister’s wedding, two yoga mats and the set of queen sheets, pillows plus duvet we keep for guests when they stay over on the bed we sold eight months ago, into the closet nicely.

Little did I realize my issues could not be fixed by cute green baskets and a trip to Ikea.

This space on top of the wine crates has been a great collector of stuff. Collector/ Bermuda triangle as I have often lost things in it, bought a replacement and then found the original when I was cleaning out the green basket.

Here is the original:

And here it is today:

Yes, I could get rid of the second pen. I am thinking about it.

No more baskets or receptacles of clutter. Sure, I will need to deal with mail immediately but that is already starting to happen. With less clutter around I am finding the motivation. And it feels pretty good.

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  • I have converted to the purse instead of the basket. All my bits (wallet, keys, sunglasses, eyeglasses, pen, hair clips) live in my purse, purse has a spot in the RV and I can always find everything. Now I have to start clearing the RV out prior to moving into the house. Would like to make a clutter free move…hahahhah:)

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