The Great Declutter: Go Paperless!

Please note the fragile cardboard inbox/shelf deal in this stack ‘o’ paper pile up.

This was supposed to be our savior. Spots for him and her, shred it and file it, husband’s business stuff. We were going to meet every Tuesday night and clear it out. That lasted two weeks before we just got too busy dealing with the rest of the stuff.

Goodbye cardboard inbox thingy. You’re going to a better place.

Truth time: while I am posting some pretty sweet before and after photos, this job is not done. There is a small box of items Chris needs to look through and I have at least a half day of shredding to do.

But below you will see my future. One file folder and a USB key. I’ve scanned my high school diploma, unofficial university transcripts, a few receipts, some statements about our mortgage I don’t have access to online and a few other odds and ends. The rest will be shredded or recycled.

Many moons ago I temped at a health clinic. They were in the process of going paperless. The process meant that everything was scanned and also kept. Nightmare. Luckily I made the executive decision to skip transition and just dive right in.

I need to do some research to see how much I can thin out in that little folder. Are scanned copies okay for:

  • life insurance
  • tax returns
  • mortgage/sale/home purchase documents

I’ll look into what I legally need to keep and hopefully get rid of even more.

And here it is…


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  1. B says

    This reminds me, decluttering our overflowing file cabinet is on our list. Since I have been home and collecting the mail each day, I cannot get over how much paper there is. I received a paperless mail thing from Fido and Canada Post recently and have kept it… where? In the “inbox” ofcourse… LOL!

    “Here’s what is says: ePost in three easy steps. 1. register for free epost account at, 2. add fido as a mailer to your account with a single click, 3. receive, manage and pay your bills online.” This was from Fido, but it looks like you can receive other bills this way as well. See link below (also contest to win $5,000 bill payment):

  2. Jennifer says

    I really don’t know if going paperless is possible. I still have to pay some bills on paper. And, I thought that taking the time to scan in all the years of tax returns would take way to long. I would need more information to go completely paperless. Also, what happens if a hurricane comes, and there is no electricity? That happened and we noticed that the paper address books were suddenly important, and having paper copies, since the computers no longer had power. Anyway, we live in FL, and it’s good to have many copies of everything, one in the computer, and one in the house, etc. I’ve tried to scale down the photos, not needed two copies, if one is scanned in. Thanks for the article. I will try to think about it.


  1. […] a set of microfibre tea towels, a load of wash cloths and a couple sets of cloth napkins. We have gone paperless in more ways that one. Also pretty easy, saves money and reduces waste. Confession: we are still […]

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