The Great Declutter: Pants Before Shoes

Pants before shoes was oft quoted by my sister when she was working on the 2010 Olympic Games. Pretty sure it was from her boss, so thanks T.G. for a great quote.

It’s not going to happen overnight. It’s going to happen one cupboard at a time. Like this:

How did I have six boxes of tea when all I drink is coffee?

Confession: these are cheater shelves. There is a dark recess to the left of them that you can tuck loads of stuff to forget about. I’ve done a bit of that here but we are really truly low on kitchen cupboards here.

Our condo was built in the early 90’s, I guess before people kept dry goods? There are very few cupboards in our pokey galley kitchen and they are very shallow. Luckily we don’t keep much in the way of boxed/packaged snacks and such. I like to tell people it is because we eat healthy fresh unprocessed foods. Which is true. But I also have no willpower around a box of cookies or crackers. To that end I can’t keep Oreos in the house or Stoned Wheat Thins because I will eat them all in a matter of days. I can’t even keep a bag of chocolate chips for baking in our shallow little cupboards or I’ll be mixing it in with raisins and almonds and eating homemade trail mix for every meal. Sigh. Yes, still working on my food obsessions along with our clutter.

One cupboard, corner or counter top at a time and I should be through the declutter phase by Christmas. Fingers crossed.

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  • lol!
    I keep buying chocolate chips for “baking with the kids”. Ahem. Haven’t made cookies in over a year but those chips still keep disappearing…

  • This is quite late but I only just discovered your blog!

    I can tell you why you have so much tea when you only drink coffee. It’s because you drank the coffee! What I mean is that you are hosting a dinner party or a mothers’ group or a special friend comes to stay etc etc so you buy peppermint tea for them or what ever. Occasionally you have a health-kick that says ‘no more coffee’ and you buy some decaff tea or something. Only 1 or 2 teabags gets used and the rest of the box sits there waiting, probably a whole year, until the same occasion occurs again…when hopefully you remember that you’ve already got peppermint tea in the cupboard and hopefully it’s not stale (does tea go stale? I’m pretty relaxed about Best Before dates – it’s not a “Will kill you after” date…)!

    Anyway, in these situations, I really try to only buy the small packs with 10 teabags even if they are not as ‘good value’ because those 10 teabags will probably last you years!!!

    • Alex, you are so right. That is exactly the reason I had so much tea.
      Update: I know only have two kinds of tea. Regular Tetley stuff to serve to all my Brit friends and some nice white tea that I have once a week.

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