Why You Should Spend $150 On Jeans

playing mini golf in Texas wearing my $150 jeans

Before we were married my soon-to-be-husband and I had an argument when I purchased a pair of jeans that were $150. This isn’t a revolutionary argument in the world of mates. In fact, it is pretty cliched. At the time I was irritated at his uncharacteristic outburst about my purchase. And ashamed because I knew […]

Old Shoes, New Eyes

65 pairs of shoes

Yes, I am quoting my old rowing coach again. We used to get this speech about having new eyes. Like if you had a car accident and narrowly escaped losing your life you would have a new outlook on life. You’d probably start eating better, exercise, spend more time with your family and in general […]

Just A Birthday Cake


We didn’t get birthday presents growing up. Not right off the bat but as my mother soldiered on as a single parent of six children the birthday gifts kinda slipped away. We weren’t sheltered from our financial reality. At the Safeway we weren’t the kids asking for a Coffee Crisp, we were the kids holding […]

Shopping Is Not A Hobby

I was a nerdy jock in high school. And chubby. When I wasn’t at volleyball, basketball or rowing practice I enjoyed eating M&M’s and reading. A good book and some sugar. Heaven. The 90’s were a simpler time it seems. Shopping is on addiction status for teens. I was sad/appalled to read about ‘haul videos’ […]

Minimalist Finance: My New Super Tool

Photo 346

Behold my financial super tool: a notebook. There is nothing as lame and boring and unsexy as someone discussing their financial diet. A friend of a friend once told me about buying the wrapped up mega discount produce at T&T and cutting the mold and squishy stuff off to make a stir fry. While I […]

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