Shopping Is Not A Hobby

I was a nerdy jock in high school. And chubby. When I wasn’t at volleyball, basketball or rowing practice I enjoyed eating M&M’s and reading. A good book and some sugar. Heaven. The 90’s were a simpler time it seems.

Shopping is on addiction status for teens. I was sad/appalled to read about ‘haul videos’ – teens posting videos of themselves unloading bags of purchases from the mall and describing/rejoicing over the purchase. We’ve recently watched a few seasons of Friday Night Lights via iTunes: what about football, cheer squad and the rally girls? I thought Glee Club was making a resurgence. Isn’t there a better hobby out there than shopping?

I’ve made some bad purchases in my life. Too many to count. Did I really need to lease a brand new VW Golf when I was a full-time athlete with almost no income? But so far the only thing I regret selling is half of my Apple stock (thought I needed to diversify. Bad call by me).

We are still in selling mode here. I’ve got multiple listings on Craigslist for assorted baby items. My goal this week is to get our car cleaned up and listed for sale. I’m still unsure what the best method is to sell my Coach purses: eBay, consignment or Craigslist. Progress is being made but it’s slow.

The first round of minimaliz-ing was hard. In fact, my brother commented on here that it shouldn’t be that hard. On her blog The Very Small Closet (excellent wardrobe planning advice here – take a look), Julie Skinner has a great post on learning to let go. I have found that after that initial pang about dollars lost and dream wardrobe items that never quite looked right on me (and never would) it’s become easy.

It has become easy to look around my home and see what it is I actually use. What is picked up on a daily basis and what is causing me more laundry, dusting and stress. What was a brief time in my life and no longer needed (my box of craft supplies that was only used three years ago for all of our wedding invitations) and what is the here and now (snowshoes ready for some baby and mom snowshoeing as soon as the mountains are ready for us).

It’s become easier to see what hobbies are part of my life. Running (jogging stroller and running gear), reading (library card), Crossfit (said running gear works just fine), watching Mad Men (so sad the season is done. Don Draper you are killing me), working on my e-book about saving money/buying less baby items (MacBook) and spending time with family and friends (nothing needed).

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  • Awesome post!

    I may need a visit from The MM for some “moral support” on getting through the pile to be Craigslisted or donated.

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