Happy Holidays and bring.it.on 2011

I’ll be taking next week off of blogging and spending time ‘unplugged’ so to speak. Along with shuttering my laptop away, I am considering giving my iPhone to Chris and asking him to hide it from me. It feels so good to disconnect but I often find it difficult to get the ball rolling on […]

gold medals won’t make you happy

Have you heard about post-Olympic depression in athletes? It’s very real. Even in the gold medal winners. I get this. I had my own brush with sporting excellence in 2003 when I won a bronze medal at the World Rowing Championships in the Women’s 8+ event. We qualified Canada for the Olympics with that performance […]

As featured on: Miss Minimalist

MissMinimalist has me up as a featured minimalist family today- thanks, Francine! For new readers visiting from Miss Minimalist, I have a few top posts that will give you more background on our journey below. If you’re intrigued/inspired by our financial success I’ll have more detailed accounts of our debt reduction plan on this blog […]

Inspired By: We Kept Striving. And We Kept Buying.

We had some friends over last week and the M word came up. They are open minded folk so it was easy to talk about but I found myself stumbling when answering the question: why? Why did we donate or sell half of our things? Ultimately it boils down to creating more time and space […]

Minimalist Secrets: How to Have Everything

When was the last time you borrowed a cup of sugar? This used to be quite common place. Ready to make a cake but find out you’re short an ingredient so you dash next door and ask a neighbor. Maybe pre-packaged cake mixes are the norm now. Maybe we just don’t have time to bake […]

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