Happy Holidays and bring.it.on 2011

I’ll be taking next week off of blogging and spending time ‘unplugged’ so to speak. Along with shuttering my laptop away, I am considering giving my iPhone to Chris and asking him to hide it from me. It feels so good to disconnect but I often find it difficult to get the ball rolling on it. I’ll do a bit of reading on the subject and post on it in 2011. I have a feeling I am not alone…

Things I’ll be discussing and working on in 2011:

  • as noted above: using the internet for good, not evil
  • why we fail at New Year’s resolutions
  • personal grooming: why I am going maximilist instead of minimalist for 2011
  • saying goodbye to bad relationships
  • the last bastion of clutter in my home: my husband’s office
  • car-free update: surprising and awesome gift from family
  • minimalism for the masses: why you need to start claiming the M word as your own even if you own more than 100 things

I will leave you with the funniest opener from a blog post I’ve read in a long time.

Being a single minimalist at Christmas sounds rather barren and lonely. Like I’m sitting on my camping mattress staring at just a single Christmas light while I hum along to a Christmas carol playing on my iPhone. Maybe a small tree branch is taped to the wall and under it I’ve wrapped up a useful item like toothpaste as a gift from me to me.

Have a great holiday season and see you in 2011,


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  • Happy disconnecting! have a good one with the boys and looking forward to having you back in the New Year. All the future posts sound fab, but the relationships and minimalism for the masses (as you know I am an advocate) will be greatly anticipated.
    Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy! – Jo

  • Rachel, Happy Holidays to you and your family. Your blog has become one of my favorites as I explore the concept of minimalism. Looking forward to hearing more from you in 2011. Your planned future posts sound like they are right in my wheel house. Especially, minimalism for the masses. Wishing you peace and happiness! – Tim

  • I am new to your blog and am truly enjoying looking at the world in a whole new light. I look forward to all the inspirations you can give me in 2011. Till then, Happy Holidays!!

  • Hi Rachel,

    I’ve been checking in on your blog and enjoy it each time. I took a sabbatical from Facebook and email (not blogging) until the New Year. I’ve really enjoyed it and surprise, I’ve gotten lots more done! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. Keep of the great posts!

    • Couldn’t agree more – I get a lot done when I have time away from the Internet. I really want to work on focus and balance in 2011. Being very specific about what I want to read/work on/research online and for how long. The Internet is a great tool when used properly. It can also be a huge wasteful time suck!
      Hope the Slow Living is going well.

  • Good for you…disconnecting is not easy especially when the internet is your home away from home! I was away for 2 days and it felt like an eternity…I know sad! I did however removed my internet accessibility from my blackberry so I COULD NOT work on purpose while I was away…and that did feel kind of good!

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