Happy Holidays and bring.it.on 2011

I’ll be taking next week off of blogging and spending time ‘unplugged’ so to speak. Along with shuttering my laptop away, I am considering giving my iPhone to Chris and asking him to hide it from me. It feels so good to disconnect but I often find it difficult to get the ball rolling on it. I’ll do a bit of reading on the subject and post on it in 2011. I have a feeling I am not alone…

Things I’ll be discussing and working on in 2011:

  • as noted above: using the internet for good, not evil
  • why we fail at New Year’s resolutions
  • personal grooming: why I am going maximilist instead of minimalist for 2011
  • saying goodbye to bad relationships
  • the last bastion of clutter in my home: my husband’s office
  • car-free update: surprising and awesome gift from family
  • minimalism for the masses: why you need to start claiming the M word as your own even if you own more than 100 things

I will leave you with the funniest opener from a blog post I’ve read in a long time.

Being a single minimalist at Christmas sounds rather barren and lonely. Like I’m sitting on my camping mattress staring at just a single Christmas light while I hum along to a Christmas carol playing on my iPhone. Maybe a small tree branch is taped to the wall and under it I’ve wrapped up a useful item like toothpaste as a gift from me to me.

Have a great holiday season and see you in 2011,


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