Inspired By: We Kept Striving. And We Kept Buying.

We had some friends over last week and the M word came up. They are open minded folk so it was easy to talk about but I found myself stumbling when answering the question: why?

Why did we donate or sell half of our things? Ultimately it boils down to creating more time and space in our lives. I feel like minimalism has given me a secret remote control and I can actually slow time down. Instead of feeling my days rush by me I am actively enjoying them. But I’m still struggling to easily define to people how less stuff = more time.

This post from the Suburban Minimalist a) made me a bit choked up and b) succinctly described how one family went minimalist to add a new baby to their family.

The path involved both saving money for adoption fees and creating time – R.S. needed to take a year off work once their son arrived from Korea.

“We kept striving. And we kept buying.”

R.S. and her family were stuck on the modern treadmill of work hard, buy more, work harder, buy even more. How did they get off the treadmill? They had a goal. They were determined to meet that goal. They came around to the concept that less stuff would give them more. In this case the more was a child.

“… it got really heady, because I was making room for another family member: our second son, my parents’ third grandchild, my in-laws’ eighth, our oldest’s baby brother.

I wanted to make physical room for this new child. I wanted to make space in our lives so that we could focus on our children – child in plural! – and the miracle of family, however it comes to you, wherever you find it.”

I read this post and it motivated me. We can be debt-free. We can work less. We have chances every day to work towards these goals.

One of the comments on the Suburban Minimalist’s post was:

I love reading about how people pull off the formerly impossible to make a dream come true.

What’s your dream? What do you think is impossible?

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  • I totally agree with the above person. I also want to say that I look forward every week to reading your posts, it keeps me motivated and on track, and now my husband is on board. I told him to trust me we will have much more without all the crap!

    • Thanks, Brittany. My husband went along with things at first because he is supportive of me. Now he sees the benefits of less and is a believer. Just watch, your husband will be telling everyone he knows about the benefits of minimalism in no time.

  • I know exactly what you mean about slowing time down, I’m starting to feel that way too. If I look at the clock (I rarely wear a watch and hardly ever have done) it’s always earlier than I anticipated of late. That may be why I love the snow so much – it enforces slowness. Perhaps that’s why I love slow cooking…. oh oh here we go again! I am obsessed! Have a lovely weekend x

  • Rachel, Thank you very much for the very kind mention. I am so grateful. In answer to your question, out of gratitude I say that I am now living the dream (in good health, not in major debt – though we still have a mortgage and car payments), and in optimism I’ll echo what Laura said above. I believe in everyday miracles.

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