a minimalist career?

Happy to report no Freudian slips on TV yesterday. When I have the footage I’ll post it here. It was a very short segment but hopefully people got the message: stuff = time + money. Let go of what you don’t use, and stop accumulating, and you’ll have more of both. Interesting comment from a […]

five pieces of furniture and links


Okay, so I only have photos of four of them (there were two of the night stands) but can you believe that we sold five pieces of furniture last week and have, so far, replaced them with…. NOTHING. The night stands were emptied out last fall, the two chest of drawers were barely half full […]

welcome and leaving Procrastination-book

I recently had a piece in the Globe and Mail’s Facts & Arguments section and have a guest post up at BeMoreWithLess.com this week. This has meant quite a few new readers to my site. Welcome! If you’re new to my site and want to read about my minimalist journey and thoughts on living a […]

2011 Challenge: friends

There are many ways your resources – energy, time and money – can be drained. Sadly, sometimes it’s not your car payments draining you but a friend. My circle of friends is really circles: groupings of people I’ve connected with over life events like university and my national team rowing days. Many live in other […]

Hoarding and places I’ve been this week

Salon.com has a lot of articles and discussions right now on the A&E show Hoarders. I’ve never watched the show and am resisting (I see that it is on Netflix so it is available to me). While I find hoarding interesting I also find it so very sad. Here is an account by a woman […]

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