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Okay, so I only have photos of four of them (there were two of the night stands) but can you believe that we sold five pieces of furniture last week and have, so far, replaced them with…. NOTHING.

The night stands were emptied out last fall, the two chest of drawers were barely half full and the chest was holding a few pieces of sports equipment. My snow shoes are now in the front hall closet and we have a laundry basket of clothing that needs a home.

I was all set to hunt down a night stand and dresser on Craigslist, items with a more modern look that would go with our bed. Then Chris asked me, do we really need to get a dresser? Made me think. I’m not so sure we do. Maybe we can make it work with just a night stand.

The extra space in our bedroom is heavenly. I forgot that we actually have a large master bedroom for a condo. We can fit a King size bed in it and a few pieces of furniture. Most condos max out at a Queen size bed with barely any room to walk around the bed. With all the furniture gone we’re enjoying the view of False Creek again. And if I could do I cartwheel I now have the space.

More photos of our home to come as we switch out larger furniture that we no longer need.

posts I loved this week

RowdyKittens No Refrigerator Challenge: we aren’t close, probably never will be, to going without a refrigerator. But I am fascinated to see how Tammy Strobel plans her meals and shops with just a small cooler to store dairy. I’ve been on a good week/bad week cycle of meal planning here. Need some motivation to get my routine down. Help me, Jo!

Vote for a Minimalist Novel: Rayna has a few pages of her as yet unpublished book up on Authonomy. Go have a read. I was riveted with the opening page. If you’re wondering how some people find the motivation to become minimalists Rayna’s story will hit home. Warning: it’s quite emotional.

For anyone in BC that gets cable, I’ll be talking about life with less on the Sunday morning news segment at GlobalNews. Should be on around 9am PST. Yes, the draw back to no cable is that we won’t be able to record it. Or maybe that is a bonus. And for your next question: no, I will not be going out to buy something new to wear on TV. Although I may borrow something from my sister.

Have a great weekend and remember to unplug.

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  • Three things:
    1. Your bedroom must look AMAZING without all that furniture!
    2. Thank you for the kind plug, Rachel!
    3. You are becoming the de-facto spokesperson for minimalism with families, and I am so excited for you! Darn it, I wish I were in Canada to see you on TV (but since neither of us have cable I guess we’d have to hit a pub and watch from there?). Anyway, everyone over here at #___Road in __,New York will be rooting for you!

  • I have been trying to get rid of stuff, but reading your article in the Globe gave me an extra push…. not minimalist by any means, but just getting junk out of the house. posted many many items on kijiji yesterday and 2 sold already. Thanks for the extra prodding. I have to think- am I really going to take up sailing again and use that wetgear?

    • I sold my road bike when I was pregnant yet still had some of the gear for it. If I get back to road biking some day, I’ll buy things used. I’m not holding onto things for years that just collect dust!
      Good luck on de-cluttering. I loved the cash in hand we made from selling our never used things.

  • Okay that plea for help got my bottom in gear… starting a post about meal planning tonight – no more procrastination!
    Loved Tammy’s post about the fridge – that is a serious accomplishment (if she pulls it off…) I know I couldn’t do it, milk would be the first and main problem, meat secondly – although I could go vegetarian – that wouldn’t be a issue for me. Interestingly – I will be following closet and may well try it for a week to see if it can be done – with no plans to do it full-time. Just an experiment.
    Main thing I want to comment on however is about Global News – Rachel I was so excited when I read that I nearly pee’d my pants (or pirates of Penzance as Richard Gere would say). You go girl! If you have any idea how I can access the footage please let me know (we don’t have cable – is there access via internet?) – Jo

    • Thanks, Jo. If I can find the segment online I’ll post a link.
      I’m still unsure of how Tammy will keep her cold pack frozen. Won’t she need to put it back in the freezer for a bit? Will be interesting to read about her results.

  • Congrats Rachel!!! Loved the article in the Globe and so excited for your tv interview! Hopefully I’ll be able to find it on-line after the broadcast! Good luck and have fun!

  • Wow, that must feel great to have so much extra space after letting go of all those pieces of furniture! We have one of those small master bedrooms you alluded to :) and we’ve made do with just one small dresser for my husband and I for the last 7+ years, and it’s just enough for us. I loved your piece on the G&M, especially how you outlined all of the great benefits you’ve reaped from living more minimalist. Good luck on tv on Sunday morning!

    • Nice work on the small dresser! I think we’ll end up with a small dresser that will double as a night stand. Still staring at our laundry basket that is holding all the homeless clothing.

  • Wow, congrats on the news segment, that should be fun! We had some furniture that looked very similar to yours. We sold it on craigslist and did end up replacing it with something more modern. That was before we were trying to reduce, purge, and declutter.

    I’ll be interested to hear what you do with that laundry basket of clothes. Maybe make some room in a closet or something? We added a closet shelving unit to one of our closets and it made much better use of the space.

  • Fantastic!!!! I am getting rid of my dresser too (it’s already empty – I’m just waiting for the right day to move it), and I convinced my fiance to get rid of his (which is currently sitting next to me in the living room – going to a new home later today)! Enjoy your new space!!!

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