Debt Busting March


2010 was a banner year in debt busting for us. It was epic. In February of 2010 we were $81,607 in debt. By November of 2010 the number was down to $24,500. In eight months we paid off $57,107 in debt. In the last four months we’ve paid off $3,108 and taken it down to […]

A Minimalist Guide to Baby Essentials

me and a few hours old Henry

From reader, Katie: We’re expecting our first baby this June and really struggling to find advice and guidance as to how to prepare for baby in a way that is minimalist and practical.  We are lucky to have generous and excited family and friends!  They are already asking regularly about what we need and where […]

Getting Over The Want: Part 1

The bad news: all that work you put into getting rid of things in your home can be for naught. If you don’t halt the invasion of unnecessary items you’ll be back to stuffed closets and cluttered surfaces in no time. The good news: you can beat this. There are many ways to combat stuff. […]

Minimalist Families: Erin’s Story

Erin and her family

Erin has been kind enough to share her story – after I asked/begged her to – with us. Fun fact: Erin and I had already met a couple of times as we are both downtown cloth diapering moms who Craigslist (small world!) before we connected here. My blog was linked to somewhere, she followed it, […]

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