Project 333: getting casual

Last week I wrote about shoes and outerwear for Henry and I and what we have in our 33 items.

This week it’s about casual clothing. Really casual clothing.

Technically lounge wear isn’t included in the 33 items. And technically my Lululemon yoga pants, hoodie and zip jacket are lounge or workout wear.

But I’m being honest here: I wear these clothes as daily wear at least once a week. No, I’m not running to yoga or leaving the gym in them. I’m usually hitting up story time at the library in this ensemble or marching over the bridge to a doctor’s appointment.

One thing I am hoping to get out of Project 333 is fewer yoga pants days. I’d like them to be a once a week occurrence. At the moment, 2-3 times a week I’m wearing yoga pants or jeans with my hoodie or zip up top and my Nikes. It’s certainly not a confidence booster.

Henry has a few hooded sweatshirts and sweaters that are good layering pieces in the winter. He’ll probably be able to use these as lightweight jackets this spring and summer. Our beloved Canucks sweat suit was just outgrown so, unlike his mother, he doesn’t have an ultra casual outfit at the moment.

Rachel’s Casual Wear

  • Yoga pants: Lululemon stuff is expensive. But I’ve been burned by knock-offs that stretch out and pill. Expensive but great quality and last if you take good care of them (do not wash with towels or pilly cottons and hang to dry). They also have an unbelievable return and repair policy. My brother in-law took in a pair of Lululemon running shorts that he had put a lot of miles on. He was hoping for some repair work – instead they gave him a brand new pair.
  • Hoodie: the first one of these hoodies I bought lasted through three years of almost daily wear while I was a full-time athlete. The cuffs had frayed open before I said goodbye to it. This one is a bit longer and, bad move, I stretched it out at the waist by squeezing into it while pregnant. Note for any future pregnancies: just because it zips up does not mean it fits.
  • Zip up jacket: this is new to my wardrobe and replaces a shorter style jacket that I wore into the ground. I’m also using this as a pre and post workout jacket.

Henry’s Casual Wear

  • Hooded fleece lined sweatshirt: another Hanna Andersson piece. Another one I got a size big and hope will last through next winter.
  • Sweater hoodie: He’s been wearing this one for eight months now. Going to be a sad day when he grows out of it.

Next week will be a big post of jeans and sweaters and t-shirts – the bulk of both of our winter wardrobes.

If you’re looking for a complete list of what we have, I am tracking it here on Google Docs.

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  • I cringe at the thought of downsizing yoga wear. It’s just so…. comfortable! And can make a ‘sweatpants’ day seem much more sexy. There are more than a few reasons I can see myself clawing at keeping a few pieces nearby: I’m about to have a baby (the stretchy pants have been a lifesaver), I no longer own any sweatpants, I’ve been unemployed by choice for the past number of months, and, well, when I am employed I’m a yoga teacher. I suppose everyone has their reasons/excuses, hey? You just hit a soft spot with this yoga-wearin’ gal.

    • When it’s part of your job you can’t downsize as much as I have. When I was an athlete I worked out three times a day six days a week. I needed a lot of workout clothing! That was a need, not a want.
      And I agree, yoga pants are a must have for pregnancy. That’s when I stretched out my old Lululemon pants =( But I got a lot of use out of them!

    • I have more than just these items but this is just what I have kept for casual wear. Many moons ago I had bags and bags of pre and post workout clothing (I was a full-time athlete). Now it’s just what you see here.
      You can check out my complete list of clothing in the link at the bottom of the posts. The only thing not included in that list is workout wear and underwear.

  • I commend you for your calling these staples into question as well. Thinking of how to pair down my “workout wear” was difficult as I teach Pilates 20-25 hours per week/6 days a week. So I exist large chunks of time in my Pilates clothes. I used to wear Pilates pants and some cute top to work (as wearing workout clothes to teach in that amount of time each week for years just wasn’t appealing to me). But in pairing down to one dress and choosing not to wear the dress to teach in I knew I had to examine my “workout” wardrobe as well. (I put “workout” in quotes as I’m not working out, I’m teaching… but still, I get icky and I need to be able to demonstrate, etc.). So I decided to pair down to just a couple pair of simple black Pilates pants, tops, and a jacket. I ONLY wear them while at work, teaching. It’s been a challenge as I used to exist in them far more frequently being that I already had to wear them so much each day, I just kept them on… And I completely understand the desired confidence-booster in not existing in workout wear so frequently. You’re doing GREAT!

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