a four-letter word starting with D

My husband doesn’t know how much I weigh. At least, he lets me think he doesn’t know how much I weigh. I’m pretty sure he knows that at 6 feet tall and a size 12/14 I don’t weigh a buck twenty. I’m shy about the number. I’ve always been a large person and it’s not […]

do books make the reader?

the six titles in my collection

The best summers of my youth, the ones before I started working full-time at the beach concession stand, were spent reading. I’d ride my bike or walk to our local library and fill my back-pack. With no school I was free to stay up as late as I liked to finish a book the same […]

screen time, debt & diets and more minimalist moms

My weekend plans involve crossing the border and while I’m excited to catch up with friends, I’m also excited to get some time away from my laptop and iPhone. Sure, I’ll have the phone with me but for something urgent. I’ll be too busy catching up with people to get online and, important for my […]

Debt Busting: Week Three


We’re getting serious about casual spending this month. For more details about our debt busting plan check here. Week 3 by the Numbers Groceries: Week 3: $ 80.60 Total for March: $312.97 The goal for the week was $80. Seemed very attainable. Chris would be gone and we had a few things already on hand. […]

2011 Challenges: great hair and fast eating

as I type this...

Back in January I wrote about wanting to change a few things in my life. Writing, friendships, slowing down and better hair were on the list. I know it’s March and most of us have either given up or forgotten about our hoped and planned for new habits. But I’m not going to let myself […]

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