Consumer Types, Sharing Lingerie and Minimalist Mondays

What type of consumer are you?

I was reading the bio of Katy at The Non-Consumer Advocate and was a) impressed (head over to read about the super small list of things that she will buy new) and b) immediately knew that I am not a non-consumer like Katy. While I am getting into Swap Meets and I will buy used on Craigslist, I still like new for a lot of things. I like new clothes. I’m interested in visiting consignment stores and shopping around when my small wardrobe needs a boost but I’m not close to taking on oath on swearing off stores.

My style of minimalism and consumerism is probably closer to Serena at EverydayMinimalist. Her tag is “living with less, but only the best” and that sums it up for me too. I’d also love it if my wardrobe was a pared down version of Serena’s.


Yes, I accept second hand lingerie. I guess I have one up on The Non-Consumer Advocate with this one. This is probably the only instance I would even think of taking second hand bras. Reasons:

  • from my twin sister so I know the source well
  • the ones I kept from her discards were practically new
  • I’m still fluctuating in bra size from nursing. Don’t want to waste $ on bras I won’t wear long

What’s your call? If you were in the same position as me would you wear an excellent condition and expensive bra from a good friend?


Jorje’s starting a Minimalist Monday series on her blog. Go check it out and get inspired. Her plans are to move into an RV in the future so she has lots of motivation to declutter. I really enjoy declutter photos so hopefully she keeps posting them for us.

Jorje: please tell us how to pronounce your name. I’m sure I am saying it wrong in my head.

Have a great weekend and remember to unplug!

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  • As far as passing along lingerie, I just feel that if you dont think the laundry makes things clean enough to pass on, how does it make your own clothes clean enough to wear? Dirt is dirt, and soap does what soap does. Maybe I’m alone here.

      • I am with you here… To a point. No problem with bras… Undies…. Ehhhh… But then again, have you ever borrowed a friend’s swimsuit?

        I did the same thing – borrowed both nursing bras and the sizes in between D and AA when I could — that is a lot of sizes, more than I wanted to spend on bras – especially because they are more form than function at AA, so I don’t bother with spending $$ there — I’m not highly dependent on the support.

        I think a lot of people who focus on the used route also want the highest quality — if it isn’t, if often doesn’t last long enough for a second owner. I would rather buy used and quality than new and junky. I was in the market for a new bike a while ago… Wanted a certain one but didn’t have the $$ so I went with el basico and recently discover a shop that sells refurbished bike. Found THE bike for less than what I spent on the bike that is heavy, rattles, etc. It has a few scratches but nothing I wouldn’t have probable done in the 1st 6mo myself. Same goes with clothes, loving finding the perfect skirt for pennies on the dollar vs. Paying the dollars or making do with a knock-off.

  • I’ve given and accepted secondhand lingerie from friends – doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. Ditto swimwear.

  • Julia makes a good point. Although, I have to admit that I have no issues NOT sharing underpants…but sharing bras does not bother me at all.

    In fact…I think the only things I won’t share/buy second hand are toothbrushes (YUCK!) and underpants.

    • Erin and Julia’s comments are both making me think about why it’s so socially unacceptable to buy/wear not new underwear. Could be the whole “culture of clean” hand sanitizing, Lysol-ing fetish a lot of us have.

      Toothbrushes: yeah, that’s a health issue. My husband swears that the few times I have accidentally used his toothrbush he has developed canker sores.

  • A friend of mine had breast reduction surgery and handed down (or up as was the case) all her expensive/fancy bras to me. Sadly, they were still too small.

    Such is the burden of an “F” cup non-consumer.

    I buy two new bras every few years and wear them until they’re barely more than dust. Can’t exactly find used ones in my size. 😉

    Katy Wolk-Stanley
    “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”

  • Thanks for the link! It is actually just like “George” though I also answer to “Hor-hay.”

    As for used clothing, I’ve actually been thinking of checking the local Goodwill for bras. I am down to nothing but sports bras and want something that makes me feel pretty again.

    It’s panties I have more issue with. I would maybe take them (and I guess I have) from my best friend or sister if she bought them and found they didn’t fit right.

    • Thanks for clearing that up for me. I am now mentally pronouncing your name correctly =)
      Wouldn’t go to a thrift store for bras but this scenario, from a friend/relative, is fine by me. Panties are a no go but I have loaned out Spanx to my sister so… that’s kinda of panties…

  • I think it would be hypocritical for me to be skeeved out by virtually new second hand bras from a reputable source, when I regularly put used cloth diapers on my son’s tushie with not a second thought. :)

    • Thought of this as I was writing about the bras. I’ve bought and sold second hand cloth diapers myself and see nothing wrong with it. Actually, for diapers I feel like buying and selling pre-loved is all part of reducing diaper waste.

  • I definitely approve of second hand bras from a reputable source, I mean is it really that different from a second hand shirt from a reputable source?

    • True. I’ve also given away workout clothes that you don’t wear underwear with… as Julia said, if you don’t think your washing machine makes things clean enough to pass on, how does it make them clean enough for you to wear.

  • Yep, would be delighted to accept quality second-hand bras as they are expensive and boobs do fluctuate so often in a bf mum’s life that I can’t invest as much as I’d like to.
    I’m at the other end of the equation just now – I have a whole load of very, very pretty, barely worn bras (and often three pairs of matching knickers, hardly worn and in pretty much pristine condition) from enthusiastic shopping sprees between pregnancies.
    My boobs are unlikely to ever be that size (shape?) again, no matter how much weight I lose but I am really struggling to throw out that lingerie. It just seems like such a waste but I can’t think of anyone I am close enough to that I could offer the stuff to. I am fairly sure charities won’t accept underwear without tags.
    I think I’m just going to have to Rag Bag it and let the sorters make the choice on what happens to it.

    • Have two nice pieces of honeymoon lingerie that I am adamant about keeping. They fit but just not like they used too =(
      Laughed about the size (shape?) comment. I hear ya.

    • I do a lot of thrift shopping and have never seen one that doesn’t sell used underwear and all without tags. As long as they aren’t stained, don’t think they care. Good comment someone made about using used diapers, but not buying used underwear. I had never thought about that. Used bras, no problem! I am not saying ‘no’ to the used La Perla I have found at Value Village. High quality brands used are better than crappy brands new.

  • For me, used bras are not about the “germ” factor as about the support factor. I’m fairly busty and I need the support of a good bra. A bra that has been used by someone else is going to be stretched and shaped to their body (even if they only used it for a short while). Since I’d rather not hit my 60s with my boobs hanging down around my hips, I will spend the money on NEW bras. :)

    • I agree with kh, as I am an unusual size I have a hard enough time finding new bras that fit properly. Thankfully with good care they last a while, and I wear mine until no one would want them

  • When my good friend got a boob job I inherited all of her pretty, lacy bras that fit me perfectly! I had absolutely no problem with it and would do it again.

  • I prefer the second motto. Buy less, but buy the best. My theory is that when you have less, you wear them more. So they need be high quality to last more than two months.

    I rarely buy Milli new clothes though. She doesn’t need her clothes to last more than two months at the rate she’s growing and dropping juice down her shirt.

    I rarely buy new toys though- almost always secondhand.

  • I buy almost all of my clothes, and even a lot of my shoes, used. With the way my children smear kid goo on me, I have a hard time justifying buying new shirts that will only last a few weeks before being stained.

    I wouldn’t do used underwear (or swimwear), but I’m not so sure about bras. I’m thinking about my sister, because I know her and she’s closest to my size of most anyone I know, but I’m still not sure. I guess it would have to come up for me to decide, and it’s never come up, so I can’t really say.

  • I’m “catching up” on posts…
    I’m not opposed to secondhand clothing, including bras, underwear or swimwear. Granted, I’d want it to look new, and probably would only buy underwear that can be washed in HOT water.

    I’ve never actually purchased underwear secondhand, but I don’t see them regularly – and I wear mine till the elastic is gone and they’re pretty much useless for much other than a rag anyway, then I use them as a rag – so if others are like me there wouldn’t be many secondhand anyway!

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