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Your time is up

My weekend plans involve crossing the border and while I’m excited to catch up with friends, I’m also excited to get some time away from my laptop and iPhone. Sure, I’ll have the phone with me but for something urgent. I’ll be too busy catching up with people to get online and, important for my budgeting, the roaming charges in the states are insane.

Being “connected” sometimes feels like the golden handcuffs of modern times. I like what technology does for me, that my budget app is keeping me motivated and on track, that the GPS + map application on my iPhone give great directions (I am terrible with reading maps or remembering directions) and that while Chris was overseas this week we could see and talk to each other via Skype. Like most things in life, being “connected” is best in moderation.

Leaving Facebook has helped, but I’m still struggling with limiting my screen time and trying to check email less frequently. Gotta soldier on with it and keep myself accountable.


Faith from Minimalist at Home has turned Minimalist Moms into an auto-update of minimalist mom blogs – sweet! Go have a browse if you are looking for more life simplifying ideas from the with kids perspective.

Adam from ManvsDebt put me onto this post about Losing Weight and Losing Debt. Couldn’t agree more. I have successfully lost weight by tracking what I eat and now I’m paying off debt by tracking what I spend.

Courtney had a lovely post about 5 ways to bust a funk that I needed to read. Too much chocolate and not enough fun this week. I tried her “push your problems out of your toes” technique on my run – I love the idea but need to work on my skills.

Have a great weekend!

Photo Credit: Ben Frederickson *Really interesting photos – check him out!

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  • Hope you have a great “disconnected” weekend here in the states!

    It’s strange, I’ve never been to Canada despite living in MN my whole life, but I really want to go. I think the main reason is we have too much fun stuff here to do in the summer and in the winter I don’t want to travel anywhere that’s just as cold!

  • This is something I struggle with as well… Strange how people got used to being connected all the time in such a short time. I try to take digital sabbaticals on Sundays, and that really helps me to realize the world doesn’t end if you don’t check e-mail and twitter every hour ;-).

    I hope you had a great weekend!

  • Gas prices are in through the roof. I didn’t see it noted on your spread sheet but I could be reading it wrong. Thanks for sharing.

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