How far do you want to go?

Do you often wonder what your end game is with minimalism or decluttering? How far do you want to go with it and what will it look like? And if you go to the edge, eliminate ruthlessly, will you some day add back in? Katy of the Non-Consumer Advocate had a great post up at […]

Moving overseas: how to make friends

Many moons ago, when I was preparing to head south to university, my brother asked me how I was going to meet people and make friends. At first I wasn’t sure how to answer his question. How do you make friends? I thought about his question for a moment and then answered. The boathouse. I’ll […]

how do you make extra money?

Love my coffee but not up for being a barista . Growing up I earned money by babysitting and working an after-school and summer job. It was traditional work and paid by the hour. Mostly. Lady down the street paid me to babysit out of whatever was in her pocket. Sometimes that was a coupon […]

getting over the want: part 3

This is the third and final post on getting over the want aka consumerism. To read Part 1 click here and Part 2 click here. When was the last occasion that you lost track of time? Were you reading a book, or playing a game with your kids, or lost in a sewing project? I’m […]

walkability, your neighborhood and your health

Years ago I worked with a woman that told me she loved her commute. She had a huge home in the suburbs and left very very early in the morning to come into work. To accommodate traffic she worked odd hours to most of her coworkers. She had a fairly serious chronic condition that demanded […]

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