Tips for Moving Overseas

3 suitcases, 2 backpacks, 1 stroller + carry bag, 1 car seat, 1 toddler and 1 husband

When my mother and father moved to Canada in the 60’s, they brought five suitcases and 22 boxes of stuff. They went by boat and train. It took a while. Here we are at the Skytrain station less than 24 hours before arriving in the Isle of Man. I’d like to say we kicked my […]

Consumed: fighting clutter on the small screen

Host of Consumed, professional organizer Jill Pollack

Getting my bearings and finding a home this week as we start our new life in the UK. I’m probably looking at rentals today. Hoping for a flat but am told most of them don’t allow children. Fingers crossed for a townhouse instead. I won’t be able to moderate comments until next week at the […]

Debt Update: spending money like water

I’m either frantically packing, canceling our electricity or in-flight today.  I won’t be able to moderate comments – hopefully back online next week. At the end of February our non-mortgage debt was down to $21,392 from $81,607 a year previous. I’ve written a lot about how we killed over $60,000 in debt so quickly. It […]

Flights booked and bags almost packed.


It might be quiet around here for a while. Our original plan was for Chris to head over to the UK before Henry and I. He has urgent work to get done and fast approaching deadlines. I would stay back to clean up, ship things, get our condo painted and in good order for the […]

At the movies: two films on less stuff

Many thanks to Laura for sending me a link to a great piece about a film director that gave up his mansion for a trailer. His story was featured on Oprah and you can read more about him  here. Tom’s journey to living a simpler life, and eventually making the film I Am about the […]

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