At the movies: two films on less stuff

Many thanks to Laura for sending me a link to a great piece about a film director that gave up his mansion for a trailer. His story was featured on Oprah and you can read more about him  here.

Tom’s journey to living a simpler life, and eventually making the film I Am about the experience, started with a debilitating head injury. He found “new eyes” when he was in constant pain and didn’t want to live. What did he want from life? What was his purpose? The trailer for the film is below.

Yes, minimalism is just a small part of this story but it’s a catalyst for change. I’ve found for myself that getting rid of the stuff has just been the beginning of re-imagining what I can do, what I want to do, with my life.

Think minimalism is only for documentaries? Check out this trailer for Everything Must Go. Sure, the getting rid of the stuff is probably only a small part of the movie but, wait for it, I bet it’s the symbol of growth and moving on that ties it all together. I did take a few classes in film theory once upon a time.


Excited to see both of these films and I will post reviews here when I do.

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  • Two more films for my “To see” list. :)

    ps: I will have to change my name, there seem to be a few of us minimalist Lauras around. :)

  • It’s interesting now that I have decided to get rid of things, to find so many more people working on the same.
    Hey, about the director who sold his mansion to move into an RV. I actually thing that he parked his RV in a million dollar lot. Ha! I don’t now this for a fact. It could be gossip. But I’m just saying. Still, good for him. He probably downsized from a who knows how many million dollar mansion to a little one million lot.
    Thanks for sharing these videos. I want to see them so I can keep my dream alive!

  • My husband and I went to see the I Am movie today. Thanks for blogging about it. It was amazing. Although he talked about downsizing the thrust of the movie is that we are interconnected. It truly was a great movie…we are already talking about going to see it again.

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