Consumed: fighting clutter on the small screen

Host of Consumed, professional organizer Jill Pollack

Getting my bearings and finding a home this week as we start our new life in the UK. I’m probably looking at rentals today. Hoping for a flat but am told most of them don’t allow children. Fingers crossed for a townhouse instead. I won’t be able to moderate comments until next week at the earliest. Thanks for your patience!

Decluttering and the fight for simplicity in our homes is coming to the small screen.

Consumed, a new show on HGTV, helps families declutter and find space in their homes. Assisted by professional organizer, Jill Pollack, families get motivation and tools to help them purge the clutter and live with less. I heard about this show via and wanted to know more so I contacted the producers. They were very kind and responsive and gave me more details on the show to share here.

I love this concept and that it’s getting a space on television. We need to show every day people decluttering their stuff, that it’s possible, that it’s beneficial and that most of us North Americans are living with too much stuff. While I think the show Hoarders is fascinating, I also think it purveys this idea that a level of too much stuff only happens if you have a mental illness. That just isn’t true. Feeling overwhelmed with full closets, basements and shelves happens to most of us. And there is an answer: less stuff.

Consuming less and owning less can be a panacea for the ills of modern living: not enough time and not enough money. I know I’ve said it before but I will keep saying it. It’s true. It’s simple. It might not always be easy but it is completely worth it.

Consumed won’t air until the fall of 2011 and, for now, will only be available in Canada. I am hoping it is a huge hit and I can finagle seeing a show. Maybe my mother-in-law will DVR it for me and I can watch it when I am back in Vancouver at Christmas.

More about the host of Consumed, Jill Pollack:

Jill became an organizational expert after over thirteen years as a TV producer. She worked on a variety of shows such as CBS News, Extra, The Rosie O’Donnell Show,  and The Wedding of Trista and Ryan. Knowing her talent for persuasion and getting things done , she decided to utilize her highly honed organizational skills to truly help people live their best life by getting rid of clutter.  Her philosophy is “to own your stuff, don’t let your stuff own you”.  After working with Jill, clients not only report a physical feeling of lightness, but also an amazing surge in psychological well-being. Not only do their homes and offices run more smoothly, but they have more focus, motivation and increased productivity.

Are you a family in the Greater Vancouver area wanting to declutter? This is a dream opportunity to get help and guidance in paring down. Consumed it looking for families to be on their show. You will have to put in work yourself, the don’t clear the clutter for you but you get A LOT of help.

  • assistance taking things to recycling centres and charities.
  • designer and handyman create space saving solutions and superficial changes to your home to help you stay clutter-free.
  • you’ll have the motivation of being on TV!
  • coaching and support from Jill Pollack on letting go of stuff and learning to live with less.

This is a great opportunity if you have a large household and a mix of minimalist wannabes and pack rats. Jill Pollack is a talented referee and objective voice that will guide your family through the process of decluttering.

Are you interested or do you want to recommend a friend for the show? Contact Rachel at or 604-873-9777 ext 251.

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  • Sounds like a good show in the making. Best of look finding the PERFECT place over there!

  • Wish it was coming just south of the border from Canada.

    I sneak an occasional episode of Clean House. It still just focuses on the more extreme cases, but it’s not full on hoarding. It’s more like, packrats on the verge. I always wish they would show some variety with the clutter quantities, because even moderate amounts of clutter affect people’s lives.

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