Flights booked and bags almost packed.

It might be quiet around here for a while.

Our original plan was for Chris to head over to the UK before Henry and I. He has urgent work to get done and fast approaching deadlines. I would stay back to clean up, ship things, get our condo painted and in good order for the new tenants and see that they were moved in smoothly.

Then our visas arrived on Monday and Chris arranged to leave the following Monday. He was actually on the road, last tour with the band, when this was decided and coming home Friday (today). Meaning he would be home for three days and then leave. I looked at the long list of things I would be managing on my own, the logistics of moving myself and Henry out of our place and in to short term accommodation, and decided I wanted to leave early too.

So we all leave Monday.

It’s been a busy week.

I’ve hired/begged Katy to run the show after our departure. She has graciously agreed to manage (and help) with the painting (we have other family that will be working on it too) and the rest of the details we have left behind. Our property manager will help the new tenants get settled in.

I have a few posts ready for next week but after that it may be a while until you hear from me.

But I will be back. This international move is teaching me a lot. I’m more frugal than I thought and yet, this has been a very expensive month for us. I’m taking advantage of employer paid shipping to bring things I thought we would sell and replace on the other end. My furniture selling has been a small disaster. Packing has made me question all over again how much do we really need. I was at a very comfortable level living with our things but packing them has made me want to just donate everything but a suitcase of clothes and a frying pan.

One of the harder lessons from this week: never seal a box until you have to.

Have a great weekend and see you (virtually) soon!



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  1. Liat Shyken says

    Best of luck with the move. You are off on a fantastic adventure. I look forward to hearing all about it.

  2. Cherrill says

    WOW! That’s fantastic! Good luck with the move–can’t wait to hear about your adventures.

  3. Erin says

    Moving is always expensive–you’ll make up for it when you get settled and discover all the ways to find bargains around you. Have fun!

  4. Ruth says

    Good Luck to you and your family! I have really enjoyed reading your blog over the last year. Thanks for the inspiration to move toward a more minimalist lifestyle.

  5. C. says

    Oh my gosh – that’s quick! Best of luck with everything over the next couple of weeks. I’m sure it will be an exciting (if a little bit stressful) time, with lots of great adventures waiting to be had on the other end.

  6. Mariza says

    Congratulations! I know what you mean about wanting to get rid of more stuff while you were packing. That’s happening to me, too. I thought I was done with getting rid of things and now I’m going through a third or fourth round of getting rid of even more stuff.

  7. Janice Kamide says

    It was great to meet you at the blogging event last night. Good luck with your move.

  8. Erin says

    Good luck with your move, Rachel! Enjoy your adventure, and looking forward to hearing all about it on the blog once you get time to get back in the swing of things!

  9. Karen (Scotland) says

    ROFL – “suitcase of clothes and a frying pan.” You don’t even strike me as the sort of woman that fries much…

    Best of luck with the move over and the settling in.
    Try to enjoy the whole experience…
    Karen (Scotland)

  10. Jenny @ exconsumer says

    Wow Rachel! Things are moving fast. I’m so glad you’re able to leave on Monday. That has to be such a huge relief.

    II can’t wait to hear all about the big move and life on the Isle of Man once you get somewhat settled.

    Have a safe trip!!

  11. Vicki says

    I am going to miss you and Henry especially now the weather is turning lovely and there are walks to be had! Safe travels. I know we will be communicating sooner rather than later :)

  12. Jo@simplybeingmum says

    Good luck with it all Rachel
    I’ll be thinking of you. You’ll be there in time for TT but don’t fret it’s only one week a year. As you move to island life you may be a little surprised how busy that week is – but it’s not the norm!
    See you virtually and actually soon! As soon as you get settled drop me a line, and we’ll sort a date. take care Jo

  13. Tanja from Minimalist Packrat says

    What a grand adventure rachel! I hope it goes smooth and easy for you. The ONLY thing I missed from a radically downsized move was my copper bottomed pot with a perfectly size steamer basket on top. I had no idea it would be so expensive to replace it. (I still haven’t replaced it.)

    So I hear you on the frying pan. Have frying pan, will travel!


  1. […] M and I are still talking. Or rather, we were still sort of dating with the occasional sleepover. Or possibly even sleepovers three nights in a row. As soon as I dumped him things felt more relaxed, I didn’t care that he occasionally played video games and didn’t know if a dryer sheet was required with his laundry. I was back to living in the moment and not worrying about him sleeping in the next morning. My brain was at capacity when it came to stress and I had no space for such small differences with a guy I may or may not be dating. And M is pretty fun to hangout with so he became a great distraction from the daily rigour of trying to solve my jobless situation and being sad at Rachel leaving. […]

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