reverse budgeting and a new finance app


A change is as good as a rest, as they say. We’re trying two new tactics with our budgeting and debt reduction: New tracking app: the previous app I was using, Budget, didn’t have an easy solution for sharing the data. Not great for a couple with shared finances. Chris did some recon work and […]

Still car-free, but for how long?

Before leaving Canada we budgeted 3000 pounds to buy a used car in the UK. We had been told it was a necessity for life in the Isle of Man and my husband is provided a car allowance as part of his salary. Well, that money is still in the bank and we’re still without […]

living without a freezer and washing dishes by hand

downside to washing by hand: dry hands

  Old school housekeeping is the new black. At least, that’s how I’m tackling it here on the Isle of Man. When we were shown our new home there were a few unexpected, but charming to me, differences between it and our old home in Canada. The first difference was that there was no freezer. […]

British laundry: my fight with the washer dryer

Henry's "English" laundry

Just a note: I’m moving to twice weekly posts – Mondays and Thursdays – for a while. I have a project I’m working on and we’re in a rough patch with Henry for sleep. Will be on this schedule until one or both of these items are sorted. People keep asking us if how we’re […]

Ways to Give

This is a guest post from Vicki Bright, a wonderful woman that I was connected with through this blog. Vicki is trying every day to live a more simple and deliberate life with less. She is a mother of 3 children- 4 months, 16 and 18 and a step son 10 – and in a […]

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