seven posts about living with less

Still get a great feeling thinking about my dress taking another run down the aisle.

Jenn from At Home in The World tagged me to complete My 7 Links from Tripbase. It’s kind of a chain letter where you go through your blog archive and find posts to fit the My 7 Links description.

My one year blog anniversary is coming up in September and, wow, I’ve written a lot of posts here in the last ten months. It was fun to look back on some of my favourites. Even the ones with the troll-y comments.

  1. Your most beautiful post. I still smile thinking about this day and the next life for my wedding dress.
  2. Your most popular post. In January I moved over to a self-hosted site off of WordPress so my reader numbers are incomplete. Since the move the most popular post is also probably one of the more helpful ones: a minimalist guide to baby essentials.
  3. Your most controversial post. A commenter posted that my efforts to lead a minimalist life were minimalizing my career and ability to earn a living. This was my response. The comments got quite heated.
  4. Your most helpful post. What to do when your spouse/partner/roomate isn’t a minimalist. I think everyone comes up against this at some point so I was happy to share my ideas for negotiating and working around your clutter junkies.
  5. A post whose success surprised you: Who knew hanging laundry to dry would bring so many awesome comments. I’m still using tips I was given on this post and my drying time has vastly improved. Thank you.
  6. A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved. I know, I know, you’re tired of hearing about me ditching the iPhone. But I’m not! Promise that was the last post on smart phones this year.
  7. The post that you are most proud of. This pretty much sums up why I’m so passionate about moderate minimalism and spreading the word through this blog. I was overwhelmed with the positive response in the comments section.

Who’s next? I’m tagging the following bloggers to complete the My 7 Links questionnaire/blog post. I’ve chosen bloggers not necessarily in the minimalist niche but ones that I really want to read their list of seven posts.


Michelle from The Urban Haus Frau *Michelle just took her site down. Sad! But she is onto interesting new things so very happy for her.

Alexis from Wave the Stick

Jenny from ExConsumer

Marilyn from A Lot of Loves

My twin! Katy

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  • I just spent way too much time reading all the posts you chose, but I think it was worth it. Since I only recently discovered your blog, this was a great way to “catch up” on what you’ve been writing. My daughter will love the “Baby Essentials” post. Thanks!

  • Hello!
    Thanks for picking me.
    I’ve recently killed my blog however.
    In a reevaluating my time and energy. Trying to focus.
    Will surely have another blog some day but not as of now :)

    Will still be following you and your amazing adventures!


    • Aww, well our reading loss is your time gain. See that you have a photography site up now. Fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed hearing about your cycling on Twitter.

  • I love the moderate minimalism focus!
    That’s completely my way as well.
    It feels workable and right with a family.
    I’ve enjoyed reading back inyour posts!

    • Thanks, MM. Moderate minimalism is workable for families. Completely agree. I think where it gets daunting is getting started. I know I was overwhelmed in the first few months myself.

      If you’d ever like to share your story here drop me an email.

  • This is my first time on your site, so this was the perfect post to find out all about you! Loved everything I read, adding you to my reader now!

  • Hi Rachel,

    I’ve posted a few photos of the nursery on my blog. Thought you might like to see the reincarnation of Henry’s crib and bedding :)

    Hope all is well. Sounds like you guys are settling in nicely!


    • Just saw the photos. Beautiful. And what a view. Made me nostalgic for big city life!

  • Whew! This is a tricky meme! It will require some thought.

    Your minimalist career post was interesting. I always find it fascinating when people judge others on decisions such as working or not. Why that should matter to this person is beyond me.

    • I’ve only had this blog for year so, yes, someone like yourself with many, many posts will have some work to do. Ping me on Twitter when/if you post it. Really want to read your post answers.

  • I just took the time to check out the posts that you’ve choose. I loved the post “ I’ll pay you $100 to take my iPhone” .

    Not because I own one…, but rather because it’s good to stand still and ponder about the stuff that we can allow, to try to waste our time and dominate our lives.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  • Wow. I LOVE your blog and have spent a ton of time reading it over the last several days. I have always considered myself a “minimalist” but have figured out in the last 6 months that I really was NOT. In that time we have changed our entire lifestyle, including getting rid of A LOT of stuff (we have never had that much stuff anyway) and following financial planning similar to Dave Ramsey. It is AMAZING the joy finanical freedom and the freedom from “things” you get when you simplify your life. I am looking forward to many more posts and inspiration from you and your fellow minimalist bloggers!

  • Hi Rachel,

    How fun! The 7 Links parties are hitting the minimalist sphere for sure now. I can’t believe (blush, blush) I nominated you and you’d already been nominated and done your post! Can you tell I’ve been behind on my blog reading lately?

    Well now I have some posts to check out, especially the “controversial” heated one about career decisions. Can’t wait to dig in!

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