Minimize Yo Butt: Week 2


Portland Marathon 2007: couldn't pass up the freebee towels.


I’m participating in Faith’s Minimize Yo Butt 6 week Fitness Challenge. I’ll be updating my weekly progress here and you can read about my goals here. If you’d like to join in head on over to Faith’s Facebook page and join in.

Yeah for feeling like a runner again! I missed runner me. Not marathoner me as seen above, but the runner that used to get out three times a week, whatever the weather, for whatever the distance, because it felt good.

On Monday I ran loops on the Prom, a 3km stretch of nicely paved boardwalk right on the ocean. Henry was snoozing in the stroller and I had a new playlist on my iPod shuffle. The sun was shining and there was a strong, but manageable, ocean breeze coming at me. I felt good. My legs have kicked into memory mode and running more than 5km doesn’t bring on the burning feeling it did just a few weeks ago.

I’m still tentative about signing up for half marathon in October. It’s looking a bit more complicated for us with travel both the weekend before and after and my mom arriving the following day. I still plan to get ready for it though. For the next 4 weeks I will add 1 km each week to my long run. By September 1st I will be at 14km and have 6 weeks to get up to 18 or 19km before running the half, which is 21 km.

If I have found runner me I am still searching for Crossfit/Body Weight workout me. That’s why I took a stab at a video this week. Did it in my living room on Sunday. Confession: um, it wasn’t that bad. Kind of cheesy but I liked having someone else lead the workout. It was more cardio, less strength, than I would like but hey, I got a workout in.



  1. Monday: 6 x 9 min run/1 min walk
  2. Wednesday: 4 x 9 min run/1 min walk
  3. Friday: 10 km *took 73 minutes but I spent the first 20 minutes running through a windy neighborhood looking for For Rent signs. As always, I was pushing 26 pounds of toddler in the stroller as well.

Body Weight Workouts:

  1. Saturday: 150 squats with Henry on my back in the carrier
  2. Sunday: Jillian Michael Shred video


Um, yeah, I gotta reign it in on the weekend. An afternoon ice cream as we walk on the Prom is fine but adding profiteroles for dessert on the same day is getting me no where!

Read a great post over at Minting Nickels (which is both funny and inspiring – go take a read) about How to Successfully Not Diet. Made me realize a) my problems in the weight fluctuating are are not that unique and b) I need to examine my weak areas.


Scale says: 0 lost this week, still -2 overall.

Feeling: feeling my fitness come back and it’s exciting. I’ll need to focus on my nutrition more if I’m going to lose weight but right now I am putting my will power towards the exercise.

How was your week? Better yet, how has the summer treated you? Is summer your time for relaxing in the shade and forgetting about exercise programs or are you naturally more active with the better weather?

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  • Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Eva T., a somewhat infamous CrossFitter and Olympian who posts no equipment needed CrossFit style workouts on her blog. Some are better quality than others, but it’s definitely worth looking through if you ever want some inspiration.

    • Thanks! Just checked out that blog. Adding it to my resources. I think what would help is finding a workout partner. I have a few candidates here that I may broach the subject with.

  • Good work on your running! And the Shred is devastating, isn’t it?

    Here in KC, a heat wave finally just broke. It’s been 100+, driving us indoors and keeping us from being as active as we’d like.

  • I’ve been working out at home (versus the gym) since my second daughter was born 1.5 years ago – during nap time. I started with the 30 day shred and now I have 35+ DVDs. 30 day shred is not my favorite. I would recommend you try Jackie extreme timesaver or my new favorite (I love their personalities) the SHAPE 400 fat blast.

  • Your photo caption about the free towels cracked me up. :)

    I need to get on board with the Minimize Yo Butt challenge – I just got back from vacation at my parents where large meals reigned supreme. Now that I’m home, the kids and I are enjoying fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast, lots of veggies throughout the day, and a lot less meat on the menu in general. Planning to get back into working out regularly when school year starts again as I’ll be down to 1 kid for a whole six hours, but in the meantime I’ll be squeezing workouts as I can!

  • Missed this post somehow! Pesky Blackberry – too easy to hit delete on handheld and mobile! Not picking up mail on pc.
    Go Rachel! Glad the running grooves kicked in…and you know where I am should you decide on that half :-)

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