be adaptable

using a regular old side plate *note use of car seat as play seat in background

  We received a very nice bamboo child’s spoon, fork and bowl set before leaving Vancouver back in May. It was a gift from our realtor and I decided it would make the move with us in our suitcase. We could use it as Henry’s all purpose eating vessel as soon as we arrived in […]

paring down for fall: toddler clothes

most of the toddler fall wardrobe

The other week I asked about end of season sales for children’s clothing, who uses them to stock up and what your experiences have been with guessing sizes. They were some great comments here and on Facebook and a few people even emailed me. I’ll share a few of the responses with you: I used […]

toddler wardrobe: are end of season sales worth it?

September 2010

  Henry was a beautiful chubby baby. He was 20 pounds at six months and eeking off the growth charts. By the summer 2010, he was a 10 month old packed into 12-18 month size clothing. Logic would suggest that by the summer of 2011 he would be in two year old sizing. At least. […]

The Minimalist Mom is One!

a before photo of our overstuffed storage closet

One year ago today I published my first post on this blog. The day prior, amidst excited discussions with Katy about de-cluttering and the minimalist movement, I went and registered the domain, set up a WordPress site and decided to document the journey. In the beginning I linked to my posts from my personal […]

a minimalist in the closet (a tidy, not overstuffed, closet)

not in my wardrobe

  Confession: I’m a closeted minimalist. Before we moved to the UK my fervor for downsizing our possessions was mostly known to friends because this blog was linked to my personal Facebook account. The topic of my big purge would only really come up in person because a friend had read something here and wanted […]

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