Rejecting the Supermom Ideal

Source: via Cait on Pinterest   Photo: Super Mom Action Figure I am so tired of it. Of pursuing it. Of coveting it. Of believing it is even possible. No more. From now I am rejecting the myth of everything. It has no place in my life anymore. – Capital Mom On the weekend […]

Creating a 30 Day Buy List

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest   The jeans I bought almost a year ago have holes in the them. This shouldn’t surprise me. They are my only jeans and I wear them 3-5 days a week. They’re a lighter weight material so have probably worn out a bit sooner than a heavier weight jean […]

Sunday links: blogging for dollars and small wardrobes

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest   It’s just after 7am here on the Isle of Man and PITCH BLACK outside. I can hear the ocean but barely see it out of my front window. Going to be a long winter… I read some really good articles this week and wanted to share them with […]

have less so you can give more

Source: via Hillary on Pinterest   What’s your goal with all of this paring down and de-cluttering? For me it’s more time, space and less debt and stress. But I also want to give more. I want to be a better spouse, parent and citizen. Those are lofty goals but I believe that small […]

One Simple Thing: No Juice

Source: via Fleur on Pinterest   Disclaimer: this article is anecdotal in nature and not written by a health professional. As always, refer to your doctor before making any changes to you or your child’s diet. There are many mistakes I have made so far as a parent. And many more ‘learning experiences’ ahead […]

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