Sunday links: blogging for dollars and small wardrobes


It’s just after 7am here on the Isle of Man and PITCH BLACK outside. I can hear the ocean but barely see it out of my front window. Going to be a long winter…

I read some really good articles this week and wanted to share them with you here.

  • On blogging: Is Blogging your Santa Claus? If you haven’t read PhD in Parenting before this is a blog about parenting, feminism and social justice. I initially found it when I had a teeny tiny newborn and was looking for advice for new parents. Annie, the writer, is thorough, thoughtful and not afraid to write what she feels – even if it goes against popular opinion. Her writing this weekend on blogging and the infiltration of big business was quite timely for me. I’ve been considering putting ads up here for a few months. This is a place to talk about not buying stuff and living simply. Do I really want an ad for toothpaste running beside a post about living well with less? I’m still mulling it over.
  • On small, but fashionable, wardrobes: The Shopping Guide for a Comfortable Dressy Style. Rachel Meeks is one of my favourite bloggers. I lean towards a focus on the how and why of less – Rachel Meeks tells you how to live beautifully with less. I’m also thrilled to tell you Rachel wrote the foreward for my guide. This post gives an in-depth look at Rachel’s shopping strategy. Good stuff if you are, like me, still working on creating a versatile small wardrobe that works for your life. Sara also posted 12 pieces, 31 outfits on Pinterest that is a great visual for matching pieces to create different looks.
  • On buying quality: Poor People Can’t Afford Cheap Things. I’ve wasted so much money in my life on cheap things. What first comes to mind is clothing: cheap knits that unraveled or faded, sweaters that pilled after a few wears and clothing that was made to last a season, not a lifetime. The other thing: furniture. Now if we can’t afford a well made bookshelf, new or second hand, those books can sit on the floor until we can. Not that we have many books but you get the idea. I’m expecting that when we have an idea about our return date to Canada we’ll start saving for furniture. We might not buy all new, or all at once, but we will be buying a sofa to last a generation (not just the two years that are on warranty).

We had our Skype birthday party for Henry yesterday and I made a dairy-free, grain-free, Pumpkin Spice cake. It was actually a very tasty cake and the birthday boy ate so much of it he didn’t eat dinner. I just had a slice for breakfast and it goes very well with coffee.

Hope you are having a great weekend!




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  • Three great articles Rachel!

    We’re about to buy two new sofa’s after living with our cheap and uncomfortable ones for six years. With hindsight I wish we hadn’t bought them, but it’s too late to dwell on it. This time we hope to make smart purchases that will last us a lifetime, if not more! :)

  • I had seen the Lucky Dozen and was immediately tempted to buy all the items. Then I realized the clothes weren’t really my style. I shopped around some more and then used the Lucky dozen to inspire my purchases. And I love Rachel Meeks blog as well. She does a great job of making concise points that are highly informative.

  • Thanks for these links Rachel, I hadn’t come across any – I really need to broaden my reading!
    Regarding the ads – only you can decide. I was reading a blog the other day which was discussing a certain issue and the blogger was against it. The ad that featured next to it were all the things that they disagreed with as it must have been automatically generated on keywords. It looked bizarre!

  • Hi Rachel,

    I totally identify with your question about monetizing a blog about living simply and consuming less. I’ve been struggling with this since I launched my blog, and haven’t quite figured out the answers yet.

    Thanks for the great links and thoughts!


  • Great links. I loved that article by PhD in Parenting. I have a hard time with monetized sites that are all about reviewing products. It seems like so many mom blogs these days are mostly review blogs and I just can’t be bothered to read them. I can understand why people monetize their blog – I just don’t like it when that is their only content.

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