Evolution of the Household: 1950’s to today.

Source: kaleazy.com via Rachel on Pinterest   Infographic from Kaleazy. Ever wonder why so many of us struggle with debt when our parents, or even grandparents, never had so much as a credit card? I thought this was an interesting infographic to share with you to shed some light on how family living has changed […]

one size doesn’t fit all

Source: google.com via Rachel on Pinterest   I’m officially calling the last nine days “PlagueFest 2012” for our family. The previous weekend saw me bed ridden with the flu. I knew things were serious when I had no appetite and my internal organs felt bruised. Chris took care of Henry for the weekend while I […]

Paying Off Debt the Quick and Dirty Way


Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. Just a 34 year old woman who is finally out of consumer debt since getting her first credit card at the age of eighteen. Always consult a financial planner or advisor before making radical financial decisions. Being in debt sucks. It makes you feel bad so you spend […]

5 steps to clean up your browsing experience

home page, bookmarks, go!

This is the second in a series on decluttering your digital life. The first was about a better way to use Facebook and you can find it here. Does your computer look like your junk drawer? Some areas of mine definitely do. Cleaning up files, photos and your inbox are for another post because today […]

minimalist make-up (if there is such a thing)

all that remains...

One summer I had two very important weddings to go to – my brother’s and my best friend from college’s – and decided that I would finally be a grown up and get grown up make-up. I was 22, had my first post-university job and thought an important step on my journey to adulthood was […]

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