Honoring Your Past Without Cluttering Your Present


That’s one of the bracelets my mother wore in the hospital after she had my sister and I. You  see the ‘B’ there after her name? That’s for me. I was the second born twin. Years ago my mother was going through her own sentimental keepsakes and asked me if I wanted this bracelet. I’ve […]

killing the green eyed monster

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons. Reader Stacey sent me this question the other week: How do you conquer jealousy/envy when it comes to material possessions? Stacey’s question was quite a bit longer than that and her focus was actually on homes, but […]

4 Life Lessons From Not Making the Olympic Team


I booked our flights to attend the London 2012 Olympics this week. It’s almost a no brainer for us to go: two of my good friends will be racing and representing Canada in the Women’s 8+ rowing event. They have an excellent chance of not only making the podium but winning. Since we’re now just […]

my husband has more clothing than me


… and I’m okay with that. Different seasons of your life require different amounts, and types, of clothing. My husband used to have a fluid wardrobe for life and work. He was a touring musician and the casual shirts, t-shirts and jeans that he wore on stage were usually the same things he wore as […]

is minimalism a masculine pursuit?

Source: chezlarsson.com via Rachel on Pinterest   If you don’t look at the underlying thoughts beneath the desire to declutter – then you may just end up a serial declutterer – Lianne Raymond Last week I read this article from life coach Lianne Raymond about the dark side of decluttering. It’s actually a piece she […]

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