The Power of Paying Cash

2007 - Honeymoon in Paris paid for on multiple credit cards

Here we are. Newly married and on a dream honeymoon of two weeks in Paris with a quick jaunt to Rome for a night. We are walking up and down the Seine and eating a lot of chocolate croissants. We are happy, euphoric and yet… something nags at me as I fall asleep at night. […]

Take Advice from an Expert

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest   The other weekend I went bra shopping. Yes, I am getting far too personal on this blog. I went bra shopping to finally replace my post-nursing hand me down bras from my sister. The experience taught me a few things. First, I really don’t like the act of […]

7 Awesome Frugal Blogs


Do you consider yourself frugal? I’m no maven of thrift myself but I do try. What’s helped me get on the bandwagon is finding ways that I enjoy saving money. I’m not great at shopping sales at the grocery store but I am good about limiting food waste. I’ve been turning the heat on this […]

game changer

WARNING: for male readers or women that don’t want to read about “female troubles” or “aunt flow” or the experience that billions of us have once a month, stop reading now. I am sharing a simple living find that has literally changed a week of my life every month and saved me a lot of […]

It’s just 24 hours.


A week unplugged is a lot. But could you do a day? The National Day of Unplugging is an initiative from the Sabbath Manifesto, a creative project designed to slow down lives in an increasingly hectic world. Sounds like my kind of project. I’ll be taking part and if you’d like to join in you […]

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