game changer - It's not a period. It's a fountain of red wine. That's why I get so crazy. The more wine my body loses the crazier I get.

WARNING: for male readers or women that don’t want to read about “female troubles” or “aunt flow” or the experience that billions of us have once a month, stop reading now. I am sharing a simple living find that has literally changed a week of my life every month and saved me a lot of money. Back to normal programming after this post.

My friend S has told me many times that something would “change my life.”

Sometimes the thing that was going to change my life was an olive tapenade or a face cream. I do love her exuberance for the little things.

But here is where I tell you, this could change your life.

I’m going to be frank in the next few paragraphs. You might feel that you know me too well by the end of this.

That’s okay.

If I even get a handful of you to consider making this switch, if even one person does make this switch, well then, being candid about my menstrual cycle and the complete and utter failure of traditional feminine protection products will have been worth it.

Today I feel like shouting from the rooftops, I am free. No longer will I deal with pad or tampon failure. No longer will I be stuck wearing panty liners  for that utterly annoying pre-period spotting.

I am done with you Tampax and OB. I am done shelling out a lot of money for your expensive products and I am done carting a handful of them around in my handbag. I’m done using bulky pads that leave me wanting to shower five times a day. I’m done with tampons that are uncomfortable and shift and become painful while I’m running or doing a workout.

I’m done with menstrual products that remind me every freaking minute that yes, I have my period and yes, I’m uncomfortable.

That’s no way to live for a week every month.

I’ve found the Diva Cup and I am never going back.

This is a game changer. A GAME CHANGER.

I was hesitant at first. I tried something similar, an early version of a menstrual cup, back in university. It never fit right and at one point I stood up and the thing moved and emptied. Luckily I was at home at the time. I swore off trying alternative menstrual products after that.

But since having a baby I’ve become even more unhappy with what the drug store has to offer. Tampons were painful, didn’t fit right even after testing out going up and then down a size, and let’s just be blunt here: you have to change the thing every time you go pee or you’re walking around with a urine soaked tampon string. Expensive and not a lot of fun.

I tried using pads more but they have their own down falls. Bulky and on a long walk I’d get chaffage. They’re also fantastically messy. No skipping through a field of wild flowers when all you can think about is taking a bath.

The Diva Cup changes all of this. I literally forget I have my period. Sure there has been a learning curve for inserting it and for emptying it. Especially for emptying it. Be patient. Your bathroom might look like a crime scene the first few times. But after some practice I am now on easy street.

The other amazing perk of this system: put it in when you think you’re about to get your period. No more SURPRISE, you need to ditch that lunch date to rush home and change everything below the waist and find some upholstery cleaner for your car. No more wearing a stupid panty liner for three days hoping to “catch it” and then it comes on full flood and you’re up red creek without a paddle.

And I think it’s totally minimalist. Just this little cup that you can get up to a decade of use out of. It has it’s own little bag and is very small. Easy to tuck into a handbag or a cosmetics case while you’re on vacation. Again, no more last minute dash to a corner to store for very overpriced (because they’re already overpriced) tampons.

Okay, I’ve said my bit.

If you are interested in knowing more I’ve linked to sites where you can read more about the Diva Cup. These are not affiliate links and I haven’t been compensated by Diva Cup for writing this. I just feel more women need to know about this awesome alternative so I am shamelessly using my blog to get the word out.

To Purchase Canada & Worldwide: Luna Pads

To Purchase in the UK: Moon Times

Has anyone else tried the Diva Cup?


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  • I can’t agree with you more. I love. love. LOVE. my diva cup. I’ve been using it for about a year now, and I have no desire to go back to mainstream (pardon that pun) solutions.

  • I have one (have had for several years), but I’m still nursing post baby and haven’t had the chance to put it to use yet. I’m looking forward to it, though!

  • I just got one too! I also got some washable pads from Lunapads as “backup” until I feel really comfortable with the Diva Cup. I have not had a chance to try them yet – but I am looking forward to minimalizing my “monthly” expenses and waste forever as we simplify our life and our living expenses.

    I have been enjoying your blog for almost a year now – you were part of the inspiration towards minimalizing my families life – excellent writing! Thank you!

  • I am soooo on board with this, but in a round-a-bout way. I use my diaphragm as a menstrual cup! I first read about diva cup a few years ago and that go tme thinking…. why not just use my diaphragm? So I tried it and voila! It did the job. Double duty — now that’s being frugal! 😀

  • Yep, with you on this one, mine’s a Mooncup and it’s amazing. I started using it when my son was born and I thought ‘if I’m not happy with disposable nappies ending up in landfill then why use sanitary towels and tampons?’ If he was going to wear washable nappies then I should change too. I have a few washable cotton pads which are fine but the Mooncup is just wonderful. Very environmentally friendly and comfortable.

  • I’m with Heather. Still nursing my baby, so have no use for it at the moment, but have used a Diva Cup for many years, and adore it for all the reasons you’ve mentioned. I remember when I first heard about them, they weren’t very commonly known & it was a pain trying to pin one down. That was before I was accustomed to shopping for things online & remember trying to quietly inquire about it at the health food store, then shame-facedly explaining what it actually WAS when the shopgirl had no idea what I was talking about. Keep spreading the word!

  • I have had a Diva Cup for a few years now. I purchased it with the idea of cutting down on my environmental waste and maybe saving a few $. I actually don’t, love, love, love it. It is ok, and I still use it for environmental reasons, but when you work in a workplace with bathroom stalls, washing it out after you empty it, in a communal bathroom, is not an activity I wish to share with my co-workers. Same thing if you are out and about for the day, on vacation (unless you continually run back to your hotel room) etc. I still feel like it was a good purchase, but I tend to use it along with organic/natural tampons and pads for particular situations. Also, if you begin use prior to being over 30 or giving birth, you will have to purchase a new one after said events, which is what I will have to do. Still, definitely something for every woman to consider.

    • I usually just take a few paper towels in with me to wipe it out. A few wet ones and a few dry ones. Now if there is no paper towels, I sometimes have what we call “butt wipes” (baby wipes) in my purse. I have little ones and almost never leave home without them. (However, I almost never used them to wipe my kids bums at home. We had designated cloths for that.)

    • Per the DivaCup instructions: If you are unable to wash The DivaCup after removal (for instance when using a public restroom), wash your hands thoroughly before entering the stall, empty the contents in the toilet and simply use a dry or damp tissue to clean the cup. At the next convenient time, clean as directed.

  • It’s so true, it is a great product, and Canadian too! When I first heard about menstrual cups way back in high school it was from a girl in my class who was totally weird and I never considered using one. But now that I have used a Diva Cup for seven or eight years I think it is fantastic and wish I had started sooner! I had to go up to size two after giving birth (and hitting age 30, why the distinction, I don’t know) but haven’t noticed a difference.

  • I agree 100% with absolutely everything you posted. It really changed how I felt about my cycle and, as you said, even forgot that it was happening. It just makes me feel normal. I love my Diva Cup. No. I LOVE MY DIVA CUP!!!!

  • OK, off to the Co-op to buy one. I’ve been thinking about this for a while but you gave me the final push. . .
    By the way–I love your blog!

  • I have one better. NuvaRing. Change it every three weeks and NEVER get a period!!! I do spot maybe every three to six months, so I opt to pull it out for a week and get a period but that’s so much better than the murder scene that used to happen in my bathroom every 4 weeks!!!

    • I am with you on this but use the Mirena IUD. AMAZING! Lasts 4-5 years and you can literally forget about. I’ve saved a ton on tampons.

  • I’m owning a fleurcup (French brand, but basically the same thing) for two years now. It has definitely changed my life.

    Congrats on converting! 😉

    • Actually it is. Personally, I wash it by hand and then put it in boiling water to sterilize. But I also heard of people who put it in the dishwasher or the washing mashine.

  • This may be TMI, but I was really excited by the concept, bought one, but just could not get it in. Folded it up as much as I could, but no flaming way the thing would go inside me. Ow :-(

    • Sorry to hear this, Bec.
      Did you get the smaller size?
      This may really be too much TMI, but I know sometimes I have trouble inserting my diaphragm if I am too dry. Maybe a little KY gel?
      Or have a baby!! LOL Good luck.

      • According to the website: Never use a lubricant to insert The DivaCup. The ingredients in lubricants (even water-based) can damage the silicone. Pure water should be the only lubricant you use.

  • I have a MoonCup, and it really is a “game changer”. There IS a bit of a learning curve, but it’s nothing more complicated than what I went through in my teens, learning how to use a tampon. I’ve found that my periods are actually shorter and less of a hassle, do to the way that the flow is ‘caught’. I haven’t had any disastrous leakage accidents, but there have been a couple times when the cup became full sooner than I had anticipated (rough day, I tell ya), and I was glad to be wearing a backup. It wouldn’t have been anything terribly embarrassing in public, but I’d also rather not ruin my clothes. I cloth diaper my twins, so it seemed like a normal and natural step to move to a menstrual cup and “mama cloth” , washable cloth pads, for backup. There isn’t any chafing with the soft cotton pads, they make me feel confident in leaving the house while wearing my menstrual cup, and it’s no trouble to throw them in the wash. It’s a good combination for me, and very comfortable. :)

  • I feel the same way! I just started using a Diva cup this year and it is so incredibly wonderful! What a nice change compared to tampons and pads! It seemed like a weird idea at first but I am never going back:)

  • Well, I guess I’ll be the lone dissenter. I hate the Diva Cup. There’s are somethings I dislike about it that I would be willing to overlook like the inconvenience of cleaning it at work, pain when it accidentally gets sucked onto my cervix (tmi, sorry), and always having to wear a liner because I never knew if it was going to leak. The thing that made me stop using it forever is that I found out I was sensitive to the material it’s made from. It took me a while to figure out what was going on and that the painful rash I was getting was from the cup. (That is really one area of the body that you don’t want to get an allergic rash.)

    I love the idea of the cup and I wished it worked for me the way it seems to work for everyone else.

    • You could also try the Meluna brand from Germany. They are made out of TPE (the same stuff artificial heart valves are made out of). I don’t have a Meluna cup, but I’ve heard that the company is nice to work with and sometimes send a “freebie” cup along with your order!

  • Hi girls:
    Ok, I used the diva cup for a long time and liked it. The best,HANDS DOWN, the best cloth pads are PIMPS or partyinmypants pads. (
    However, the game changer for me, -and this is what I thought you were going to say!- has been choosing not to get my period AT ALL. That’s right, I’m 36 and no more period. I really don’t understand why more women don’t do this. Everyone says ” oh, that’s not natural” but the Dr. says there is no harm. So take your pill continuously, don’t get your period at all–now THAT is a game changer. I love it. I haven’t had a period in almost 2 years and I am stoked. Nuff said. Ask your doctor about it. So worth it.

  • I have had mine since August and it truly is a game changer. I had to work up to using it full time the first few months because of the learning curve, but now I am like you and put it in a day early. I have box of tampons and pantyliners that I am about to give away because I don’t think there is any going back.

  • I like my Diva Cup too. I had issues with a lot of leaking after I had my son, despite having gone up a size, and I wondered if it would ever work again. Luckily I tried it again a few months later and I have minimal leakage. I always wear a cloth or disposable liner with it because for whatever reason there is always a tiny bit that escapes around the top in my case, but then again, I ALWAYS had to wear a pad and tampon together for the same reason! Another product I love to pair with Diva Cup is Lunapanties. They are triple-lined in the gusset (crotch area) and have strips sewn in to hold an extra insert. There is virtually no better way to use a cloth “pantyliner” IMHO. I agree with the bathroom issues at work, I always try to locate a single person bathroom, which for me is not difficult working at hospitals and small clinics. Remember too, that unless it fills up, you only need to empty is every 12 hours!

    The Diva cup is made from silicone which is generally considered hypoallergenic, though some other cups are made with latex or rubber which may cause reactions in susceptible people.

  • I have used one (or an equivalent one..don’t remember the name) for almost 10 years. I started using one after my twins were born and haven’t looked back. I’m debating if I should introduce my daughter to it at here first period. Will have to do a bit of research and chat with her about it. I have to admit, I first started to use it because I was cheap and didn’t like to spend the money on something I was flushing down the toilet so to speak. But, after a bit of a learning curve, I love love love it. I will never go back to disposable feminie products. Most pads make me itch so that was another reason.

  • I love my diva cup, but not at first. I had similar leak and insertion problems as described above.

    until I called their 1-800 helpline that is.

    The woman who took my call was so helpful and had really good technique suggestions (she claimed to be a user herself). It was years ago so I don’t remember the details but I highly recommend calling if you are having any trouble or if it didn’t work for you.

  • I bought a Diva cup after reading about it on Bea Johnson’s blog about zero living quite some time ago. I haven’t tried it yet. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement!

  • My entire life, my period always came at the worst times, day of the pool party, first day of camp, vacation, ect. without fail. It has kept me from enjoying a lot in my life but when I started backpacking, I was not going to let it keep me out of the game again! I bought my diva cup last April and haven’t bought much more than a box or two of night pads since and those were for when I’m at work as a courier and don’t always have a consistent access to bathrooms. Even with that I rarely actually need anything else!

  • I used the diva cup for a couple years before my son was born, and I agree, total game-changer. As someone who has always had a heavy period, the Diva Cup literally changed my life. My period was no longer an inconvenience. Then after my son was born, I got the Size 2, and it is still too small, it keeps sliding out! It makes me so sad, because I love the diva cup! Has anyone else had this problem??? I have searched the internet for something that will work as well as the Diva Cup but stay in, but so far have not had luck. I can’t go back to tampons now, please help!!

    • My sister has the same problem. She hasn’t found a solution yet either, but I have encouraged her to call the 1-800 number because the staff is really helpful (1-866-444-DIVA (3482). Their website has lots of info too.

    • I used a Keeper for years, then switched to a size 2 DivaCup before I had my son. I had a period of adjustment postpartum with it–I found it would sit too low at first, but it doesn’t anymore. I found I just needed to insert it higher & make sure the amount of suction was right. Hope that helps! Maybe try calling their help line?

  • I agree with everything you said. I’ve been using one for about 3 years, everyone should at least give it a try. And DON’T GIVE UP if you don’t like it at first! Read the online help on various fourms–there are tons to great tips and suggestions. Also, one thing I did to avoid the problem of having to clean my cup in a busy public bathroom (or on camping trips) was to just buy a second one. That way, you can empty/wipe out the used on, just wrap it in some tp in a small bag, put in the clean one, and then you can clean the other one more carefully when the bathroom is not so crowded, or you can be discrete about it and not feel a need to rush back to a stall to replace it. (It’s also handy to have that backup if you accidentally drop it in the toilet!)

  • Yes! Love it! I’ve been using it for about 5 years now, and while I do sometimes use a back up panty liner, it has pretty much eliminated any need for other products. I recently went on vacation and forgot to pack it and had to use tampons. Bleck!

  • TOTALLY Agree! I’ve only been using my Diva Cup for about 2 months, and the first two or three times I used it kinda sucked but I agree with everyone that has said, “Don’t give up!” You will get the hang of it and you will love it.

  • I’ve been using a Diva cup for a few years too for environmental and $ reasons. It did take several months to get the hang of inserting and emptying it, but I wouldn’t go back! I have less cramping and my period is one day shorter now – I don’t understand the science behind this but I’ve seen in the comments on another blog that this is true for a lot of people. And I love only having to worry about it morning and night. Yay!

  • Yay! We loving hearing from women who’ve had this kind of “game change” when they make the switch to The DivaCup. More people need to know about it. Thanks for sharing your experience!
    One quick note, you can’t actually purchase the cup on but Lunapads ships all over the world.
    Hooray for The DivaCup!

  • I LOVE my Diva Cup! I talk about it to people I never thought I’d feel comfortable discussing menstruation with…it’s that cool!

  • Yup. I love my Diva Cup. This whole conversation is probably “TMI,” so I’ll just dive right in–when I get into the situation where I have to empty it in a stall and put it back in–well, I just do. And then as soon as I can, I clean it out in a private sink.

    I do find I can’t wear it to bed on really heavy days. The combo of it filling and being horizontal, maybe, seems to cause some leakage.

  • I tried another kind and couldn’t get it to be comfortable. I was thankful for the return policy (?… I know, right?). I tried the Diva Cup when I got so frustrated after OB pulled their Ultra absorbency, as it was the only tampon that could get me through day 1 & 2. There was a learning curve, but I love it now and absolutely won’t go back. It’s sooooo FREEING!

  • I’ve had the Diva Cup since September 2010, & I love it! I recently had to use pads after having minor surgery, that week was no fun!

  • I, too, love my Diva Cup (and my luxurious cloth pads from Homestead Emporium). I’m so glad more and more women are learning about this option.
    I would be seriously concerned about not having a period for years, even if doctors are told (by Pharma reps) that it is safe. We are designed to have periods and I cannot imagine what potential havoc may be wreaked on our bodies, our hormones, and our future health by messing with Mother Nature that way.
    Funny thing is, after ditching the disposables I find I actually like getting my period. Yeah, it’s annoying in a way, but it’s also very life-affirming and a reminder each month to slow down and take care of ourselves.

    • I agree when reading through the comments that sorta weirds me out. I personally dont like hormonal bc methods at all, as it makes your body not have a “true period” just basically a mockery of one. Too much crap in our environment already so why add more hormones to it all.

      I love the Diva Cup, I always highly recommend it to people. In a pinch its okay to dump and reinsert (as long as your not contaminating it) without rinsing. sounds terrible but its the same blood that will refill it back up. Or grab a cup of water and rinse over the toilet… thats what I do.

  • Just curious…does this increase your risk of getting a UTI like using a diaphragm tends to do? I’m considering trying this, but I had trouble using a diaphragm in the past…it could have been too large tho.

  • I’m another Diva fan. And maybe it’s just me, but I have WAYYY less cramps and other uncomfortable-ness during Aunt Flo with my friend the Diva cup. Since using the cup I’ve had to use a tampon a time or two and it was way more uncomfortable. I now don’t know how I stood them all those years. There was definitely a learning curve, but thank fully it wasn’t a long one. I also wrote a post professing my love of the Diva cup.

  • I heart my Diva cup. I’ve successfully converted a couple of friends but others think I’m off my rocker. I switched to the cup and lunapads because I could not handle the terriable itching that always showed up on day 3 from having a liner on continuously for back-up. I cannot say enough good things. Funny story, I washed and boiled my cup and put it in its pouch and then in the laundry basket. It never made it to the bathroom. I was prepping my briefcase for my cycle (very regular). It was lost! I went crazy. Could not consider tampons. I ordered a new one stat. Then lo and behold, I was pregnant! New diva cup still in the wrapper ready for me. I must recommend luna pads liners for back-up. So awesome. The comfort of cloth for me led to cloth diapering. I also have no cramps when I wear itAnd I also benefit from di

  • I also love my Diva Cup but want to love it even more. I never used it before children so I can only speak from after children, but it almost seems to small. It tends to sit really low and I often feel it, which is annoying. Plus it tends to leak a little. (My flow has been SO HEAVY since my second child!) So on heavy days I wear a cloth pad in addition. I wonder if the “falling down” issue is because my muscles are not strong enough. My OBGYN always tells me I need to do my keigels. Ugh…hate those things. But over all love my Diva and would never go back. (and BTW I also tried sea sponges and loved them but my flow was so heavy I couldn’t wear them for more than an hour without leaking which was way too much hassle!)

  • I’ve wanted to try a Diva Cup, but I haven’t had a period in 3 years 10 months thanks to pregnancy, breastfeeding, another pregnancy and breastfeeding both of them still.

  • I LOVE menstrual cups. So great, especially for traveling (only a small pouch to pack) or a day at the beach (imagine bringing NO SUPPLIES — you’re already wearing it). One thing though: did not love the Diva Cup. When it wore out, I did a bunch of research and I ordered the Mooncup from the UK (NOT the US one) and it is SO much better than the Diva Cup. (Fits better, much more comfortable, opens easier, etc., etc.)

  • I’m very interested in this, ladies. Can you tell me, do any of you live in a place where there is not potable water (if any water) in the bathrooms? How often do you have to wash it out? I’m thinking about what I’d need to do so I didn’t contaminate myself with the water.

  • I have a MoonCup which I got shipped to Australia from the UK. I’ve been using it for about 5 years, then last year I had a baby and it was comfortable anymore. So I’ve been buying tampons etc. You’ve inspired me to order the cup you get after you have a baby! Can’t wait for it to arrive haha!
    They’re amazing!

  • Just ordered a set. Thanks for reminding me of these! I had heard of them a while ago and just forgot to give a try.

  • I use one too but give it mixed reviews; I’ve had problems with leakage and have occasionally found the thing slips up high enough that it’s been difficult to get it out. Plus there is, indeed, the nuisance of changing it out in a public (multi-stall) restroom, and washing it. I do find dumping the contents and wiping it out with toilet paper works OK, though wouldn’t want to use it repeatedly without being able to wash with soap and water. Over several days I find it can get a tad yeasty, and I suspect not being able to wash it thoroughly might make that worse.

    Ages ago when I was relying on a diaphragm for birth control I used it for this purpose too and honestly found it much easier than I’d find the cup. I’d recommend anyone with decent health insurance coverage start with the diaphragm, which should be a covered cost, and see how that works, before buying a Diva. I may myself ask to be fitted next time I have a doctor’s appointment.

  • I have tried both the diva cup and the keeper and I can’t use them:( so uncomfortable, expensive and I was so disappointed. I have given birth to 5 kids vaginally and used a diaphragm and could NOT get either of those cups in comfortably. If I were not already over 50, I would probably experiment with other types of menstrual cups.
    I have, however, been using cloth pads for 22 years:)

  • I’ve had one for about 5 years now (and two pregnancies and following vaginal births) and truly it changed my life.
    I am sure they are not for everyone, but they are perfect for me and I hated that I couldn’t use the cup post-partum!

  • I made the switch from pads to cup cold turkey and without a backward glance. My only regret is that I learned about it three years ago and only started using it last year. Funny how this is the trend when it comes to the cup. What similar product did you try during your university years that didn’t work for you?

  • I totally agree! Used a mooncup for the firs time last.month-havebeen meaning to for ages for environmental/minimalist/simplicity reasons. Fabulous! Was a little bit worried that he(post babies) there would be leakage but none at all . Day one it all felt so different from every month for the last 20 years but got.the hang so.quickly and now can’t imagine ever going back! Fab post as always. You’ve helped so much on my families minimalist journey xx thank you !

  • I use Luna Pads. I switched a few months ago and I am so glad I did. They’re awesome. I used a cup once (can’t remember what kind) and had a unfortunate incident with it. Since then I was too scared to try another, but the Luna Pads are just as environmental so I’m okay with them.

  • Hurray! I’m so glad you’ve discovered the Diva cup! I started using the Moon Cup a few years ago after reading about it in The Tightwad Gazette and I LOVE it. I was a pad girl and I am so glad to not use those anymore. I do have some great panty liners that I use sometimes that are super soft cotton and hemp, but mostly I forget that I’m even on my period because the cup is so comfy. Probably one of the best inventions ever. :)

  • I have the diva cup but it makes me so nervous! i’ve never had any problems with it but i always think that its just going to dump out! it has never leaked or anything but how do you know it won’t at any moment (since you had that happen before)

    i don’t know! i’ve been using it since july but it makes me waaaay more uncomfortable than wearing a tampon!

    • The cup I tried before was called Instead, if I remember correctly. I never could get it sitting comfortably so I wasn’t shocked that it up and leaked on me. In contrast, when the Diva Cup is in right I don’t even know it is there. Sorry for the TMI. And I really think I am completely done with tampons. Since having a child I find them uncomfortable and painful. And unlike the Diva Cup I never forget I am using them.

      • I tried Instead, too. I also had them leak on me–every time I tried them (why did I keep trying them???). And removing Instead caused an awful mess. Not to mention they were single-use! You were supposed to throw them away after removal… talk about a waste! But my Mooncup only leaked once–because it was so comfortable I completely forgot about it and after 12 hours, it overflowed! So long as you REMEMBER you’re wearing it, it won’t leak. =)

  • it has changed my life in the same way as you describe. I have recomended it to various friends and all of them say the same: has changed their coneption of all the story. Thanks for bringing the subject and help to difuse its usage

  • I started using a Mooncup about 12 years ago. It was so wonderfully amazing. I couldn’t believe women didn’t use them!!! But after having children, I can no longer wear it. I’ve tried the after-childbirth size, I’ve tried the Diva Cup, I even tried different materials (silicone, rubber), but nothing works for me. I have pelvic floor dysfunction due to prolonged pushing with my first, so I switched to cloth menstrual pads. They are BY FAR the most comfortable pads out there. Bulky? Yes. But you don’t feel like a dirty mess after 10 seconds.

    I will by trying post-natal physical therapy now that we’re done having children (we hope!) for the primary goal of being able to wear my Mooncup again. It’s that good.

  • I had one before having children and got the “larger” one after having my daughter. I *LOVE* this thing.

    I have PCOS, which means I get really painful/heavy irregular cycles and this means that I used to go through feminine supplies like crazy. The Diva Cup sometimes gets too full for me, but generally I have to pee often so I don’t tend to have a problem checking it regularly.

    I have found that the best way to insert it is to stand with your feet a shoulder width apart like a frog standing up. Flatten and then fold the diva Cup so it kinda looks like a hot dog. Insert it into the vagina, then let it “pop open”- push up until it bottoms out and then take a finger and trace around the outside of the cup while inside of you to make sure it’s properly popped out and placed. Sure, you have to wash your hands after, but if you bring moist towellettes in your purse it’s fine- as well as if you use a bathroom stall with sink in them (most of the handicapped stalls in the States have these, and if there are no people in wheelchairs waiting, I consider bleeding from the uterus to be a handicap, temporary as it may be). When you get really good at it, cleaning it out and placing it back properly will take you maybe two minutes…and save you TONS of money. Just boil it to sterilize after your cycle ends and place it in the cloth bag after it dries.

    It also helps to tell you that this thing is basically anti-yeast or bacterial infection as well. AMAZING product!!!

  • Thank you so very much for posting this. I had no idea the Diva cup even existed. I have needed a solution for myself as well. Tampons are out for me with my shape and size, even though I am 30 and have 2 kids. Pads are disgusting and messy to me, as I have had heavy periods since my first period at 11. I was great on the pill but I am not on it at this time. I switched my toddlers to cloth diapers and was looking for a non disposable alternative for myself but the goods are so expensive for just a few pads. The Diva cup is the same price as a day supply of cotton pads for me. I am so excited about trying it!

  • I almost never comment, but had to say thank you. I hadn’t thought of this before and it is SUCH an improvement over other frugal options. I am in the learning curve (first cycle), but already I can see myself falling for it. THANKS!

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