Multifunctional Clothing

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

One dress. Over one hundred ways to wear it.

I’ve been enamored with multifunctional clothing lately. Cardigans that reverse and cinch and dresses that you can tie and twist into Grecian gowns or halter dresses. I like the idea of investing in one piece that I can wear many ways.

If you want a smaller wardrobe multifunctional clothing can give you more with less. Here are a few finds.


American Apparel Circle Scarf. One tube of cotton lycra. More than a dozen ways to wear it.



Claire sent me this one. The Versalette can be worn 15 different ways from a tunic, to a strapless dress to a skirt. Beyond function and fashion, this garment is also a feel good purchase. The materials have been sourced ethically with the environment and its citizens in mind.
I want one of my own but they a) don’t ship overseas and b) I’m unsure if the one size fits all fit of this garment would work on my 6 ft size 14 frame.

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest


Not sure about the hoodie on this one but I do like the idea of owning a piece of clothing that doubles as a bag. Would be great for travel: beach bag by day and top by night.

More multifunctional garments and tutorials:

Anyone else seen, or own, multifunctional clothing?

PS. Apologies for the light posting this week. Getting over jet lag and we’re moving (not far, just down the street). Should be back to more frequent posts next week.

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  • I’ve had the Anastasia Interchangeable dress from SWAK designs for several years. I’m 6 foot tall and a size 20 UK, so I was thrilled to find a version which wasn’t one-size.

    It’s a lovely piece and pretty easy to put on, the fabric is gorgeous and it looks like a new LBD every time I wear it. The only downsides are that I often try to get more creative than I need to be, which increases my getting ready time and that, in black, it’s often a bit too elegant for everyday wear when compared to my usual jeans-and look. Oh, and some of my genius ideas have not stood up that well to road testing, which is awkward for me but not really the dress’s fault. The versions shown in the video (that I’ve tried) work pretty well and are secure and comfortable.


    • I would love to see a casual dress that is multifunctional. The photos above are beautiful but I just don’t have a lot of occasions to get that dressed up.
      At the bottom of the post is a link to a DIY infinity dress. The dress is more casual in style with a patterned bottom and solid top/straps. I could see myself getting more use out of something like that.
      Thanks for the links. Seems like these dresses have been around for ages and I’m just hearing about them now.

  • I am soooo bad at using multifunction clothes. No way I’d have the imagination of turning a scarf into a top, then into a bag. :) I might wear a long top with jeans or as alone as a dress, but that is as far as my artistic capabilities take me.

    • Hahaha! I’m not that artistic either. I do have the sweater I linked to. It can be shortened with drawstrings and is reversible. First and foremost I like the basic look of the sweater but being able to shorten it and reverse it is a bonus.

  • My idea of multifunctional clothing is something made with stretchy jersey so it acts sporty and comfy, but it doesn’t look like sports wear, so I can wear it almost all occasions, all but the very dressiest ones. I have a red jersey dress I got for my brother’s wedding, and after that it will be just a regular dress :) With some jewelry and heels it will be dressy enough -and with flat shoes or boots and a cardi it will be casual.

  • I have trouble actually using the infinity type dresses, they look cute at the store over my clothes but in real life I can’t seem to get them to fit and look good with bra straps. (I can’t/wont go strapless, I hate to be worried about adjusting myself all day especially while chasing a baby) I would much rather a well made dress and to wear a scarf, belt or jacket with it.

    • There was one dress I saw that came with a tube top attached to the skirt for extra coverage. I’d be getting one because I always seem to have a bit of slippage with wrap dresses so I usually pin the garment at the crossover on the bust.

  • I don’t know- I think I would spend too much time trying to situate the garment, and then spend the say worrying that knots would come undone, or things would slip. Certainly not minimizing my peace of mind.

  • I am having a love affair with scarves. Not only can you wear one in a million ways as a scarf, but scarves can be bags, baby carriers (I can carry my 2.5 year old in one for hours – very comfortable!!), superhero capes for kids, blankets for picnics, wraps for the beach, hoods in the rain, and so much more. My fav right now is when my 2 year old gets bored in a line up or something, she sits on the scarf and I swing her in it. 😉

    • :) Love the ideas in this. I’m into scarves right now too. Just did a lot of travel and having a scarf with me was great back up as a blanket for my son (or me). I also like that it dresses up a very simple outfit.

  • I have a couple of microfiber tops (they come in black, white or navy) that I wear as undershirts/tee-shirts/pajama tops. They are ultra lightweight, soft, wash and dry in a jiffy, and never wrinkle. Great as a multifunctional garment for travelling.

  • I try not to own multifunctional clothing because I realize that I’d rarely change the function of the item. When Versalette first launched, I really wanted one until I realized that I’d wear it maybe 2 of the 15 ways, if that. I’m horrible with styling and fashion, so I prefer to have single pieces I know how to pair together instead of one piece that I can’t figure out how to re-style. And thus is why I’m a lover of dresses–one piece of clothing, and you’re done!

  • I like the idea of multifunctional clothing as well but I’ve tried on those types of dresses a few times and always end up disappointed. The reality is, there’s usually only one “style” that is flattering on my body type and the rest don’t really work…I’d rather just have 1 great dress that fits perfectly and can be switched up with accessories (a cardigan, a beaded necklace, flats vs. heels, a scarf, a blouse to make it more like a skirt, etc).

    If you’re sharing with someone else, I think this type of dress makes sense. I grew up with sisters then lived with 7 girls in college (crazy, I know…). It would have been fun to have a single dress that could have worked for the various body types back then!

  • Nope. I look at these kinds of clothes as gimicky and “just one more thing” that takes up space in my closet. I’m glad they work for other people though.

  • I bought a dress-type thing a couple of years ago that was supposed to be a multifunctional piece of clothing. The lady that sold it to me at a festival showed me all these beautiful ways to wear it and I loved it. Brought it home and couldn’t figure most of them out. Her website was not useful and every time I tried to wear it, I felt like I was really exposed (or at least begging to be so). That dress at the top isn’t the same though, so maybe it would be more worth it.

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