How To Safely Store Your Digital Photos


This week is all about photos. You can read about what to do with old photos here and how to pare down your digital photo collection here. When I was back in Vancouver recently I asked my sister if her boyfriend was still using the old PC laptop we had given him. I wanted to […]

How To Pare Down Your Digital Photo Collection


                Yesterday was all about your old photos. Today: digital photos. Let’s be clear: digital photos haven’t made life that much easier. Yes, it’s easy to share photos online but if you’re like me organizing and culling digital photos is a lot of work. It’s too easy to […]

What To Do With Your Old Photos

                This week will be all about photos: culling, saving, storing and sharing. Today’s post is about what to do with your old photos. Before paring down my hard copy photo collection my photos sat in a photo storage box and three photo albums. The box came with […]

The Power Of More

Hanging with my personal hero, Marnie McBean, at the Cypress Snowboard World Cup in 2009.

                  What do you call a personal hero that eventually became an acquaintance? Marnie McBean is a big deal in Canadian sport. She has a bunch of Olympic medals. She’s now retired from sport and is a public speaker, mentor and now, author. Her book, The Power […]

Take A Bow

Source: via Pamela on Pinterest   A reader recently emailed me with her story of conquering debt and simplifying. Over a year ago she and her husband were mulling over all the extras they would buy and do with an upcoming increase in income. It was regular stuff, stuff that I know well: renovations […]

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