Your Clutter Coach


Sometimes you need more help than a book or a blog can give you.

Sometimes you need a friend to remind you to donate those bags of unworn clothing that are sitting in your basement.

Sometimes you need someone to make a plan for you, motivate you and keep you accountable.

Sometimes you need a Clutter Coach.

I get a lot of emails asking for help. I always respond (even it takes me a while) with advice, suggestion and encouragement.

And I always wonder, did they carve out a weekend to clean out that attic? Are they in the throes of home purging and feeling beaten by the process? Did they pull out some boxes from under their bed, lose a few hours looking through old junk, and then decide it was all too much work?

For some time I’ve wanted to help beyond the posts on this blog. Something very personal for paring down and living smaller.

A book wasn’t the answer. There are already some great books out there like Family-Sized Minimalism and Clutter Bootcamp for inspiration and how-to. A book can’t hold your hand, give you a kick in the butt or suggest another method for dealing with all that mail.

I want to do those things.

I want to see closets go from jam packed to roomy.

I want to help people get more sleep.

I want to find solutions for the mud room clutter that can be so hard to reign in.

So I’ve started something new.

Your Clutter Coach

This is for people that:

  • can’t make the time to declutter even after reading a lot of books and blogs on the subject
  • get sidetracked by old photos and trinkets every time they attempt to clean out the guest room
  • have pared down their stuff but it crept back quickly
  • need motivation and accountability to clear clutter for good

Your Clutter Coach is a personalized decluttering program. It’s tailored to your lifestyle, your needs and your schedule. It’s me kicking your butt and you kicking ass.

You can read more about the services here.

If you’re interested in the program I am currently giving away one free Four Week Clutter Coaching Program at Parenting with Crappy Pictures (if you haven’t visited this site before it is hilarious). The giveaway is open until Tuesday May 8th at 8pm PST. Head on over to read the details and enter.

PS. This will be the only time I mention Your Clutter Coach in a big post like this.

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  • Great idea! About the not opened boxes I say that once you open them, you are in big trouble! the best thing to do is to not open them and just get rid of them!

  • That sounds fantastic! I hope it is very successful for you. Wish you had started it six months ago before I dropped a whole bunch of cash on a professional organizer. Other than one organized closet my clutter continues to overwhelm. I plan to give it one more good kick at the can and if I am not successful on my own then perhaps a clutter coach is my near future!

    • I’ve read up on personal organizing because a few people have suggested it to me as a side-career. Like a lot of industries the services seem to vary and so do the goals of the services. There is one professional organizer that I follow, UK Clutter Fairy, and she is less an organizer, more a clutter buster. I’m interested in helping people have less stuff come in the door and more stuff going out. No label makers. No baskets. :)

      • I learned from my experience that her services were only as good as my communication and I hadn’t done a very good job of communicating to her that I needed help in reducing my possessions not just re-arranging them. Ironically the one thing I labeled with my label maker (before losing it in my clutter chaos) were my children’s books – guess which one’s never get read? The one’s stored in neatly labeled boxes! Glad you are using your experience from your inspiring blog to create a business.

  • Oh my comment yesterday must have gone missing.
    Rachel – this is a wonderful idea! I am impressed by your ingenuity and skill to take a talent and turn it into a job, and work on your terms too. It will be a success, as this is an area that is sadly missing. Professional declutter / removing junk – does not usually cover the emotional why or get to the base of our bringing in too much stuff to begin with! Good for you!

    Also, your generosity to offer this contest. Thank you!

  • What a great idea (and you are very highly qualified for the role!). It is so hard dealing with your own clutter, to an objective observer it’s just stuff, an old book, a necklace or (in my very sad case) a car-park ticket ;-).
    To the owner it can be the first beach holiday with your true love (aka the book you read on the sunlounger), it can be the memory of wonderful times with grandmas whilst you snuggle into her lap (aka the necklace) or (in my very sad case) the first time I sat in a car whilst the rain poured watching my newly found hubby-to-be windsurfing off the Cornish coast (oh yes the car-park ticket).
    The decision making process when decluttering can be exhausting, and some times impossible to master. Things that should go – remain, or you end up with piles of stuff moved from one area to another with no real direction as to it’s future. I know, I’ve been there! And to some degree still struggle with it.
    Personally I’ll be really interested to hear more about this on the blog, case studies etc… as long as it’s not breaching client confidentiality. You may find some clients are happy to go public.
    Anyhow long comment… but I mentioned hoarding today in my post. I had to confess to my little stash I still have (but had promised to eradicate). I also linked to the new Channel 4 show that started last Thursday at 9pm – The Hoarder Next Door. It was fantastic (much better than Get Your House In Order – IMHO). I know I have basic hoarding instincts when Nigel (the hoarder) started to get very anxious at the thought of a skip arriving. I felt his anxiety myself – my heart started pounding! Nigel had a very interesting way of being objective and removing his own thoughts and emotions from the decision making process – but I’ll leave the surprise for those who haven’t yet seen it.

  • Hi Minimalist Mom,

    It’s great to hear about your Clutter Coaching programs. I hope that by now it’s all going well and there are alot more people clutter free and feeling more in control as a result. I just found you had mentioned me – it’s a while ago but I only just chanced upon it in google! I am most certainly a clutter buster – that goes with the territory of course, but much more than that I am all the things you mention – motivational, educational, supportive and always keen to organise the stuff left behind into a system that works specifically for the client. Labelling and neatly arranging stuff accounts for such a small part of what I do. It’s all about the relationship with the client and taking them on a journey that takes that weight slowly but surely off those shoulders!

    Good luck!

    Lesley (The Clutter Fairy UK)

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