Letting Go of Spender’s Guilt

Source: realsimple.com via Rachel on Pinterest   Talking about spending this week. Monday it was our year of tracking our finances and Tuesday it was my luxuries. Today: letting go of my spender’s guilt. One thing I’ve struggled with since shedding a lot of our stuff is letting myself buy things. I get anxious when […]

My Luxuries

Source: flickr.com via Rachel on Pinterest   Talking about spending this week. Yesterday it was a year of tracking our finances. Today: my luxuries. Sometimes I think people get the impression that because I’m trying to live with less stuff I’m also living with less luxury in my life. If you think of luxury items […]

Do You Know What Your Life Costs?

Source: moneysavingmom.com via Jennifer on Pinterest   Note: I’ve decided to not completely disclose our finances here. So I’ve included percentages instead of £ or $. You’ll still have an idea of how we spend and save but it gives my family some privacy. The summer of 2005 was my ‘summer of dating.’ I was […]

No Machine Will Change Your Life

Source: thermomixcanada.ca via Rachel on Pinterest   The other week I went to a demonstration dinner for a kitchen appliance called a Thermomix. A friend wanted to buy one and was hosting a dinner so we could all see the miracle machine in action. I’ll admit it: I was impressed. It could make bread dough […]

Your Possessions Are Not a Hallmark of Adulthood

Source: someecards.com via Rachel on Pinterest   This post over at Simple Mom about wedding gifts was written for me. My lovely wedding china that I can’t bear to part with is in a box at a relative’s house. Not getting used. Sure, the knives and the baking pans traveled with us overseas but the […]

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