The Gift of a Meal, Smart Phones and the Versalette Winner


A few links to things I’ve read and enjoyed reading this week plus the Versalette winner. Working on my ‘almost made the Olympics’ essay and a bit light on posts this week. Thanks for the understanding. :)

Smart Phones Are A Luxury, Not A Necessity from Frugal Babe. A smart phone is not a need.  If it is, your employer will be paying for it.  If you’re paying the bill out of your own funds, the phone is a want, not a need.

Sometimes You Have to Give to Know How to Receive from Amy. This post is actually about how to help someone that is having a baby and the gift of a meal. But there is a very strong section on creating community and how giving the gift of a meal brings people together. We’re so busy working, taking care of ourselves, maintaining all the things that we have bought with the money we earned that it’s hard to make time for getting involved in our communities.

Screen Free Week for a Family by Kara at Simple Kids. I was using the TV to make things easier on myself – only the reality was that it was making things more difficult. Our son usually watches some television in the late afternoon when I am making dinner. It’s becoming more of an issue and he’ll chase us down with the remote control asking for tee-vee. Some nice lessons here from a family’s screen free week.

Unencumbered, Even by Regret from the NYT. After moving constantly during his childhood the writer finds himself with a complicated relationship with possessions.

Versalette Winner

I was blown away by the number of entries for this giveaway from Revolution Apparel.








Comment #351 is the winner. Jessica Lynn – I’ll be in touch with details on your prize.

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  • I just found your quote in green yesterday. I love it! I really enjoyed Frugal Mama’s post as I work on building our community in the place we have felt an outsider in for the last 7.5 years (since we moved here). Community matters. I am sure your other links are great but will need to get to them as the week continues.

    Happy day!

  • Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! You inspired me to thin out my wardrobe in the first place! I love your site here and am so excited about the Versalette, thank you, thank you!

  • Congratulations to the winner Jessica Lynn! Would love to hear a review from her after she has tried the product in action. 😉 And there is so much wisdom in that quote.

  • Thanks for the links Rachel! Hope the writing is going well. After hearing the stat that Canadian children average almost 8 hours of screen time per day I decided to re-evaluate our screen habits. I had convinced myself that letting my four year old watch 30min of video in the mornings before playschool allowed me to get ready easier. In reality I had to deal with a cranky child after the fact and it took us way longer to get out the door. We changed the rule to just weekends, which are usually so busy she sometimes forgets to ask. After one colossal meltdown (I removed myself from the room and when I returned she was calm and colouring at the table), she realized I was serious and our mornings are now positively zen in comparison! How is Henri after his TV time? I had used it too for dinner prep time and am sometimes tempted but in our house even moderation on weekdays doesn’t seem to work.

  • Fix!! I was sure I was going to win. Seriously though, your blogs keep inspiring and focusing me. Keep on it. Other blogs I have read have recently gone to guest posts and such. I like the fact that I hear your voice in your posts. Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow.

    Cheers, Dave

  • Hey Rachel,
    I still haven’t received the Versalette. Do you know when it should arrive?
    Hope you’re doing well!


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