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I’m not perfect. I’m not a perfect minimalist or mom and I’ve tried, and failed, at a lot of things. I don’t do it all.

While I’m really happy with my life, the balance of family time, the chance to be a stay-at-home mom and also a work-at-home mom, I still fail, and fail regularly, at a lot of things. I either try them out and they don’t work for me or I set a goal and don’t meet it.

My home usually looks okay but far from Pinterest worthy. I enjoy tidying the kitchen after dinner, wiping down counters and washing pots and pans, but I’ll put off cleaning windows until the dirt disturbs the view. I like to, and have to, invite people over to force my hand at some of the dirtier household tasks.

This morning I pulled a pair of Henry’s jeans out of his dirty laundry hamper and spot cleaned them so he could wear them. You need to be really on top of laundry if your two year old only has three pairs of trousers/jeans and it’s a cold summer.

Here are a few of my confessions for recent failures or things I’ve tried and given up on for now.

I’m back to using a dishwasher.

Since moving into a new home with a bright and spacious kitchen, I’ve gone back to using the dishwasher every other day. I still do all of my pots and pans by hand and a few dishes. But our dishwasher is doing the lion’s share of work. I liked doing all of our dishes by hand but at some point I slipped into using the dishwasher and I liked it more.

The other thing that changed is that our new home came furnished with a lot of dishes. In our previous flat all of the mugs, plates and bowls only filled half the dishwasher. There wasn’t really a point to running a half full dishwasher.

Last Friday our dishwasher bit the dust so I’ve been doing everything by hand until it gets fixed later this week. It’s really not that bad. But I will fully admit that when the dishwasher is back in working order I’ll be using it.

My home isn’t feeling that minimalist right now.

In the last two months bits and pieces, books and pens and the usual detritus of a home, have found their way out of their drawers and shelves and I haven’t put them all back. I’ve got a pile of clean-ish clothing hung over one of the doors on our wardrobe. I sorted Henry’s toys and books the other week and I’ve yet to do anything with the ones that need to be donated or stored.

I’ve been getting the vacuuming done and dinner on the table but not a lot else done around our house.

This is my excuse:

Arriving January 2013












My son has watched more television than I’m comfortable with in the last eight weeks.

Due to severe afternoon and evening fatigue and bouts of nausea, Henry’s watched way too much Bob the Builder. We’ve been able to get out in the mornings but the afternoons have been a struggle. I am so thankful for the beach across the street and the horse tram the comes by every twenty minutes and that my husband will come home in the evenings and play the chasing game with him. Henry has definitely gotten a raw deal the last two months thanks to his sibling.

Accept the season you’re in.

Tsh over at Simple Mom writes a lot about the season of life that you’re in and that you have to accept the limitations of them.

I’ve had to accept that I’m not in a season of getting a lot done at the moment. I’ve been too tired to write in the evenings and some of my home projects, like decorating, have fallen by the wayside.

It’s okay. I’ll get back to them. I’ve turned a corner now that I’m in the second trimester and I’m not so tired.

I’ll get back to them but the last two months has been a good reminder about the season I’ll be entering in January. A season without a lot of sleep and with a new baby to take care. I’m not lowering the bar but I’m trying to be mindful of what’s realistic in the next year and a half. I’m trying to keep my mind open about the adjustment period and the growing pains of adding another person to our family.

I’m trying to remind myself that life is going to change and the best way to deal with that is to change with it.

Anyone else in a season of life that has lead to a bit of clutter and letting some of your goals take a back seat?

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  • Oh Wow! Congratulations to you and your family! Enjoy your pregnancy and don’t worry about that clutter building up or too much television! We have all done that so don’t be too hard on yourself ! :)

  • Congrats! I am so happy you wrote this article and I am in the same boat right now…pregnant (also due in January) with a two year old. Glad to know that I am not the only one letting household chores and de-cluttering fall to the wayside. I normally only allow an hour of T.V. a day…yeah it’s been WAY more than that. Congrats again and I hope you start feeling better soon!

    • Congratulations! Hope you’ve turned the corner as well.
      My current barometer for a fabulous day is one where the tv was never on. Only a handful in the last two months but starting to get more of them.

  • Congratulations!
    This post brought back alot of memories…Whew. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!
    Take care

  • Congratulations! As you know with a toddler and baby due in January, you and I are in exactly the same season and I’m feeling much like you. I just had a conversation Friday night about how I need to embrace and let go of the guilt of not being so productive. I am and this helped. Thank you and so excited for you!

    • Congratulations again :) Actually, I think we’re even closer due date wise now. Had a scan and they moved me up a week.
      I feel like I might have the energy for a good round of ‘put things in their place’ this week. Feeling a lot better. Hope you are too!

  • Congratulations!
    Actually, you made some mentions during previous weeks that made me suspect a growing family :)
    My kids: J is 3 and R is 8 months old. First pregnancy was truly great but I joke about the second that I liked only two weeks during 6th month. R has some sleeping issues – as a small baby she wouldn’t wake at night, so I needed an alarm clock until she was 3 months old. In April she stopped sleeping through the night, so (exept Feb-Mar) I haven’t slept well in one and half years, and that makes me one tired SATM.
    I am extremely lucky to have my not-so-old grandparents as neighbours, so they take care of J a lot of time. Really, a lot, like when he wants lunch, he goes to great-grandparents instead of the kitchen (and obviously, I feel a bit uneasy about it). I appreciate this help even more, because J is not a healthy boy – he has dysphasia, so he can hear, but he cannot understand a word and a lurking genetic disease that might at some point kill him in a few months.
    Without their help I would be able to take care of the kids but not of the house (or even cooking for the kids). This way I am usually falling behind on some of the chores, but I manage most and still give both children as much time and care as I can and teach everyone around (including J) at least a few new Makaton signs a week.
    During those two months when R would sleep through the night I managed almost everything, including things that I might call self-development. Her waking at night at first made me angry, but I’ve learned that I can’t get up at 6 am, I need to sleep till 7 and get an afternoon nap. I know it will pass. I know that in September J will start Kindergarten for special-needs-children, and that will again require different day-schedule.
    With small kids we just have to follow and adapt.

  • CONGRATULATIONS! Wonderful news!

    Being a minimalist and having goals and being determined to achieve something every day – I too look around and wonder where did all the paper / clutter come from? The dishes left in the sink? The dust bunnies that seemed to turn into tumble-weeds? The projects yet completed? The goals left hanging? What happened?

    Life happened! Emergencies, lack of sleep, a unexpected bill, emotional retail-therapy for a little bit, one’s body putting on the breaks and the brain and heart saying that is just fine for today or a little while longer…

    One day at a time, roller coaster of life, go with the flow and know that any down time or slow time in getting to chip away at goals and to achieve things doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

    I don’t have the added busy day level dealing with a toddler or being pregnant and all the physical morning sickness that can last all day etc. When I slow down, get lazy (yes, I am / can be!) – I struggle to get over it. Push through the discomfort, reread my goals that I’ve written down. And hope that a good night’s sleep will give me the extra push to get out of bed and tackle my day.

    Right now, I’m living amongst almost 30 large plastic storage bins, stuff that I’ve culled, sorted, and await a few charities to pick up some of them, giving some to family, selling some of the rest. All bins coded with labels, and I am so looking forward to seeing my floors again and being able to clean freely. I also long for the sense of weight off my shoulders from having stored, packed, and lived with all this stuff for so long. I hope by the end of the month, I’ll be able to tackle those tumbleweed dust bunnies and can then have the space to tackle my next goal.

    Sometimes you need to take a few steps backward in order to truly move forward.

  • Congratulations!! I’m in the same “season” – due January 2013 as well and have a 2.75 year old daughter :) I am sooooo with you on the tv watching, PBS Kids is usually on our tv for more hours a day than I would like to count! We are moving soon, so a lot of her toys are packed up, but I let her dump out an (already packed) box of Beanie Babies the other day and it kept her busy for the entire day!!

  • Congratulations! I am also expecting, but at the end of October. The first trimester and into the second were rough with nausea all day long. I’m really tired now at the end of my second trimester (and the heat/humidity here on the East Coast is awful), but I’ve got this purging bug inside of me! I think I’ve shred 20 bags worth of documents in the past couple weeks and I’m finding new homes for so much. This is our third child and, with every child, I feel like my time and space are even more precious so the less the better.

    By no means am I accomplishing my normal routine, though – so do not feel bad! My kids usually watch tv 2-3 times a week, however these days it’s 5 days a week so I can get an hour to myself. We’ve instituted quiet time for 1.5 to 2 hours where I can read (or sleep!). That helps a lot!

    And, this time around, I’m doing much less to “prepare for baby”. I have all I need (I think!) and am not concerned with things such as whose room the baby will be in (she’ll be in ours for a while) and when it’s time to move her around, we’ll deal with that!

    Best to you!

    • :) October babies are great! Except for the summer pregnancy part.

      I need to institute quiet play time for Henry since he dropped naps three months ago. Lately the quiet time is me lying in his bed trying to stay awake as he names things in his Richard Scary book.

      Funny, last time I was looking at strollers at six weeks pregnant. This time I have had to remind myself that there are a few things we actually need, newborn cloth diapers and a cosleeping crib, and I’ll have to get on that at some point and figure out a budget.

      Congratulations to you!!!

      • Thank you! My first child – a girl – was born in October, so we are lucky to have another October girl. We will hopefully reuse all the clothes we kept! :)

        How old is Henry? My son is 3 (April bday), too, and doesn’t nap anymore. The quiet time has been a life saver for me. However, we have to be very regimented about it. I go to my bedroom and the kids go to theirs. My son doesn’t sleep – and he’s not very quiet – but, for the most part he plays in his room most of the time.

        I also remember spending so much time online looking for the latest and greatest baby gear for my second. Not this time – and it’s so freeing! Your ebook is also a great inspiration and support for wanting and using less. :)

  • Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! As a stay-at-home mom of 2 that were only 14 mos apart my motto quickly became “Whatever works”…don’t feel guilty for resting, it’s what your body needs!

  • Hey can I join the ‘far from perfect club’? Please? I was just tidying when I picked up my smart phone absentmindedly (bad bad habit) and saw your title ‘confessions’. So in not-so-perfect-style I ditched what I was doing (actually loading my dishwasher!) to jump online. How unfocused is that? In the mean time, I’m trying to declutter the kids play-room – which is a tip (we are breeding plastic at the moment in there) – whilst they watch the Wizard of Oz (on a beautiful day when they should be outside).
    Reckon my membership to the club may be in the post? 😉
    ps – hope you and yours are keeping well, and once again so, so pleased about your fantastic news! I’ll be in touch soon – have fun and enjoy the sunshine!

  • Congratulations! Just wait till you have a toddler and a newborn ;)…it only took me till my little one was 2 1/4 (and older one 4) before I finally was able to get a hold on the mess in the house. Seriously, focus on taking care of yourself. If Mom’s not rested and happy…everyone else won’t be happy either. It’s hard not having the energy to do all your normal “to-dos”, but the “season” will pass.

    • First, congratulations to theminimalistmom!

      Jess, this is a relief to hear. I have an almost 2 year old and a 2 month old. I feel like I’m never going to have any time to do anything except hold babies and discipline toddlers! I’m trying to have patience and, like you said, remember that this is a season. :)

  • Congratulations!! I love this. I think so often women feel ashamed for not being able to keep the house immaculate or at least frustrated, allowing too much TV, etc. I am right there with you (well actually I am 5 months along), but the point is no one is perfect and the shame, frustration, etc that we feel when we aren’t on our A game isn’t helpful. I am learning to accept that and say, that’s okay, because most of the time I’m pretty awesome and the more I encourage myself, the more awesome I am.

  • First of all, congratulations!

    Second, “accept the season you’re in” really speaks to me. My second child was just born and actually today is our first day with my husband back to work. I have all kinds of ideas about things I want to do and how I would like to be organized, etc. I just have to accept that I will get to that eventually, but I can only do a little bit at a time. I have to give myself time to physically heal from birth first and I have to give us time to find the right rhythm with three of us now.

  • Congratulations!! I have three little ones (4,2 and 1) so my attempts at minimalism are pretty darn broad because I’d go crazy otherwise. As for the dishwasher, isn’t minimalism also about having time/money/energy for other things? At least that’s how I define it, so we use the dishwasher as time saver.

  • Congratulations! I have two January boys – ’09 and ’11 – so this time of year reminds me of the years I was pregnant. In both cases the morning sickness was so bad it lasted all day and totally turned my life upside down. I couldn’t do anything other than the absolute bare minimum, just to get by. Don’t beat yourself up. Do what you can to make sure you and your family are fed and watered, the rest will happen at some point. Take care, kate x

  • Congratulations! Number 2 is arriving in late November for us and it has definitly changed the way our house has been running! I am also trying to get rid of the last bits of odds and ends that seem to be hanging around because I want to have as little to clean/do once the baby gets here.

    Dishes pile up on the counter and my lovely husband does them in the evening if I don’t get to them during the day – something I struggle with since I really love clean counter tops. I have found that even in this second trimester I still need to let some things go as my energy level is not as high as I would like and I am trying to spend a lot of quality time with Number 1 before his sibling arrives.

    Wishing you all the best in this new season of life!

  • First of all, congratulations!!!

    I am a long-time reader, but first time commenter. This post really spoke to me. I moved to the UK from the States last November to marry and live with my wonderful (British) husband. We had spent the last 3 years on professional sabbaticals and enjoyed traveling, working winter seasons at ski resorts, I completed my yoga teacher training, spent extended, quality time with friends & family and basically lived a dream.

    We were married at the end of February 2012 and moved to a lovely little town in the Lake District where my husband has gone back to work and I wait for my spousal visa which will allow me to work. It is hard… this waiting. The Border Agency is terribly backed up and it looks like it will be another several months before my visa arrives. My husband is starting over career wise (read: he’s not making a lot of money) and without me being able to contribute, well, I have to get creative with all of my free time and find things to do that don’t cost money. I am used to working, used to having the next few months planned, used to having my own money, etc, etc, etc. I have embraced minimalism over the last 3 years and that is allowing us to live debt-free on just my husband’s salary which I am so thankful for, but it is hard. I find my motivation to do many things is just not there despite the fact that I have more time than ever to do things… it is a viscous cycle.

    Your post is a good reminder to me that these months of waiting are just a fragment of time. And while it may not be ideal, I need to remember that there will be a time when I long for the long, lazy days with no agendas as I have now. I need to stop beating myself up for not always finding something productive to do with my days and that eventually, I will.

    Thanks again for your blog and your words. :)

  • Congrats! Exciting stuff, and you so have our permission to use the dishwasher.. or even paper at this point.

    I’m 38 weeks plus 4 days and so eager to give birth.

  • Congrats!!

    I’m right there with you a 21 month old and second due in February. We are putting the house on the market so I have a lot to do. But I’m trying to embrace the mentality that it will get done in its own time : ) we’ll be moving to a bigger place but I hope to not fill it with as much stuff. My neighbor and I have a goal to stop having to clean/organize and start enjoying the lemonade on our decks. I’m focusing on keeping stuff that are useful or I love. I find your blog a helpful reminder in this daily goal.

  • Congratulations!!!

    For totally selfish reasons, I love this post. I’m currently pregnant with my third (older two are 5 and 3) – due in december- and have learned to accept this season. In fact, I recently purchased your baby guide and turn to it in the evenings when I’m feeling stressed or guilty. (PBS kids is on way more than I’m willing to admit!) It replaces the guilt with a calm acceptance that it’ll all be ok. So thank you for that.

    Hope your second trimester is kind to you! :)

  • I’m a new reader I found your site about a month ago. Thank you for all of the information!
    Congratulations!! As a mom of two I can totally identify. =)

  • Congratulations!! How exciting!! I like your perspective of a season….

    I’m in the season of working 40 hrs a week with two kids in school this year, which is just as far from ideal as working with young kids who need you in their ways, I’ve discovered. Now, I need to find time to help both with homework and eat in the two hours between arriving home and bed and, and, and… It feels daunting and I dream daily of being able to work 20-30 hrs/week but it will be 1-2 years before I have that opportunity. Debt pay off is the culprit (i.e., bad purchasing decisions several years ago, really of course). But, as I sit here reinventing our schedule to make it doable with this year’s changes, the view of a season, sheds a nice positive light on it.

  • Congratulations!! What wonderful news!!

    Thanks for the great reminder- I am just coming off a ‘slow’ season- slow in that I found your site about a month ago & haven’t been able to tackle a lot yet. We had our third in January, after a rough pregnancy. I was very down on myself that I wasn’t able to get things done. I am starting to be able to do more and it feels so good. But while you are a season, it is so hard to see past it! :)

    Working on small areas that will make big change over time!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!!

  • Congratulations!
    I’m thrilled for all of you…!

    I completely relate to EVERYthing you said in this post – I went through nearly the exact same thing when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I felt awful the entire pregnancy, my husband traveled extensively for work (at one point he was gone M-F for 12 weeks in a row!). I really struggled with balancing my needs, my daughter’s needs (she for sure had way too much tv during this period of time!), and the soon to come baby’s needs. I found it difficult to accept certain things about that season of life and a struggle to sort through what to let go and how to be ok with letting things go vs being upset that I couldn’t get to them in that moment. Now, the baby is almost a year and a half old and I’m just getting back to some of those things I reluctantly let go of, or “parked” on a back burner during the period I was pregnant and with a young baby.
    I keep reminding myself there’s no “right” way to do it all and I just need to keep working it out as I go and doing what works for me, my husband and our family – I’ve learned that being in close communication with my husband and working through things together is the one thing that ALWAYS helps.

    Hope all is and continues to be well!

  • Congratulations! I am looking forward to hearing your advice on this stage of life. My daughter is one and we’re starting to talk about another.

  • Congratulations! I think at this stage you are allowed to let a few things slide in order to take care of yourself and your family. Soon you’ll hit the second trimester energy upswing, and you’ll get caught up in no time. Gotta prioritize. :)

  • Just want to wish you the best. I remember those days well and with a 7yr, 4yr and 17mo old, I’m just getting back into having a bit of productive time during the day and not just at night after my dh gets home.
    I was thinking of you while shopping this weekend. If you haven’t tried them, smartwool, red ram, and icebreaker are excellent brands of wool layers that range from casual to more dressy. I even wore mine in the 90 degree heat last week and was cool and comfortable. They don’t get stinky and air dry quickly.

  • My season has been 7 years long. It was when I was in the hospital after having twins that I realized that my mom’s memory problems were serious and she wouldn’t be able to help me at all. Since then we have moved from one period of imperfection to another. Sometimes I look at a video of my house before the boys were born and envy at how simple and tidy everything was. This year my mom moved into care and we absorbed all of her possessions. This is when I found your blog. I was sitting in my living room surrounded by boxes of old slides and crates of Lego and Playmobil fantasizing that my house would burn down, and I typed minimalist into google and found your site. Thanks for giving me hope that even in this season of imperfection that I can slowly handle the tasks that will one day lead to a more orderly home and a simpler life…and my if boys might have to watch a little TV to make that happen, that’s OK too.

  • Congratulations! It’s good to embrace the season you’re in and to go a bit easier on yourself in certain seasons. Pregnancy is definitely one of those go easier seasons!

    My girls are 21 months apart and I well remember the early months of the second pregnancy with the nausea and fatigue and the toddler. I used to fall asleep on the couch in the morning and my daughter would play quietly for awhile then come and gently shake me and say “All done night night mama.” That’s a much sweeter memory than the many times she stood next to me while I puked and looked at me with a mixture of confusion and concern. :)

  • I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I’m thrilled to hear your news. Congratulations!! I second the advice of everyone who has already said that you need to go easy on yourself and take care of your physical and emotional health first. Remember Maslow’s hierarchy and your Mom hierarchy!

    I hope you have an interesting and wonderful experience giving birth in a “foreign” country. I had my second child while we were living in France (many years ago) and the cross-cultural aspect of maternity care added a certain spice!

  • I have a 13 year old and an 8 year old – both sons. If I could impart any advice to myself when young and pregnant, I would have said, “Relax and enjoy this time. Be good to your self and to your baby.” Congrats and I wish you more rest and less morning sickness!

  • Congrats! Getting pregnant last year is actually what made me start cleaning, and finding minimalism, and this blog. So I have no doubt you’ll get it back together in the next couple of months. :)

  • Congratulations! I have 2 kids and I remember feeling the same way (at the end of my pregnancy and for a lot of the first year with a baby and a toddler). We’ve all been there and as hard as it is sometimes, we have to “let it go”.

  • I love the way you slipped that not-so-little announcement in there girl! Congratulations. I’m in the transitioning from a rental to own home season so my house is a horror of half-unpackedness right now. Congratulations! again

  • Wonderful News!
    Don’t sweat the TV. If it is helping you to rest and function, let it. When you have the energy again you will be able to make do with out it :) I relied heavily on it when I was pregnant too because it gave me time to rest.
    Also remember that you are very busy growing a sibling for your son. So while you may feel he is not getting the best of all your time right now, think of the gift he will receive in January. Growing a baby and keeping yourself well is a big and IMPORTANT job too :)
    Enjoy your season!

  • Congratulations! I continually struggle with my disappointment at how little I am able to “accomplish” now that my daughter is a rambunctious 19 month old, who still nurses like a newborn at night! So I sympathize with you for sure!

  • I have to tell you… “not getting a lot done”… is just simply not true. Every second of every day you are growing a baby! Congratulations! And as for Henry’s TV time– I figure all the days without a TV accumulate to give you options for lots of TV during that season :) My babies are 17 months apart- so I certainly had a season where very little was done besides feeding everyone and keeping everyone in clean diapers– but then had to remind myself, just that is a lot!

  • Many many congratulations!!!! It’s a fun time! (I have a 3 year old and an 8 month old). Life definitely changes and adjusts when you’re growing a baby. A lot more tv, a lot more mess, but then the baby comes and it settles. And there are different messes. Giant duffle bags full of clothes from relatives and applesauce on the floor again. It’s a wonderful season to be in.

  • Congrats on your January addition! I, too, have realized that certain seasons are better than others for goals, clean houses and our minimalist journey! I am 26 weeks pregnant and feeling S-L-O-W in our 105* heat in the midwest! Although I want to get out and play with my 3 year old before the new baby arrives in October, the heat and pregnancy are holding us back! So, we find INSIDE places to go and read a lot of books (and take lots of naps!) I just recently found your blog (after starting a minimalist adventure off two guys’ blogs) and appreciate your honesty and integrity. Having kids adds a new dimension to minimalism. Hope you continue to feel better!

  • Congratulations. I second all of the above, take care of yourself and your growing baby. Thomas will have to help with Henry for a little bit longer!
    I had my son In London and found the level of care amazing, they go all out for pregnant mums and new babies. Where I was the Doctors surgery even had a new mother’s group they ran to help everyone adjust, but not only new mum’s came. Please enjoy yourself and relax, you have traveled so far along the minimalist road that you surely do not have that much to get cluttered, and hopefully, the dish-washing fairy will lend a hand! ;0

  • Congratulations! A word of advice from this mum of three – savor this time! My youngest just turned 4, and I really miss those days with a baby on the way. No need to do anything or beat yourself up about what there is to do. You’re raising a little person and growing another and I think that’s plenty!

  • Congratulations! It’s good you are resting, and so important to adjust expectations. Your body is working hard. Many best wishes to you!

  • I am 5 weeks away from having my 3rd child! We moved into a new home at the beginning of May and being pregnant right now is very frustrating. There’s so much I want to do (paint, yard work, ect.) around the house but I physically can’t! So I am just focusing on keeping the house clean/getting on a cleaning routine, taking care of the kids and cooking healthy meals! I can’t even imagine how busy I’m going to be this next year……


  • That is such wonderful news!!! Enjoy the season you are in… hope you get heaps of rest because growing a babe is a full time job!!! I have to say my older kids always liked the slower season of pregnancy… when a busy afternoon meant a pile of story books in a sunny spot!!! Wishing you all the very best!!!

  • Congratulations! I am a new subscriber but I love your blog already. I understand your current season, my home, projects, wardrobe, business, etc. used to be, dare I say-perfect. Then we bought a new house and I had to basically relearn all of my routine for a new location, in the middle of renovation. Then a month later we found out I was pregnant-surprise! Now she is 7 months and I am feeling the baby fog beginning to lift. I am once again getting my routines in place. Having her on a schedule makes my schedule fit in easily. :) Thank you for you inspiration to make life more simple and may God bless you and your new baby and your growing family!

  • Congratiulations Rachel! Brilliant news; I am so happy for your.

    ps. Who cares if you are not perfect. :) You are my hero in turning your family to paleo diet. I so hate cooking that I am very much struggling with starting to cook in a different way.

    • Thank you, Apple.

      Paleo: I need to do an update. We are, sadly, not a Paleo family at the moment though we probably eat Paleo meals 2/3 of the time. I’m hoping to get to closer to 3/3 of the time as my pregnancy progresses. Henry was a very gassy and screamy baby and I’d like to see if eliminating dairy and gluten helps with this baby.
      So, not Paleo. :(

  • I am in the midst of that season – baby boy number two is coming in 10 days…do not apologize for the tv (Sesame Street, Signing Time, and Shaun the Sheep here – and Cars and Toy Story) or the clutter or the spot cleaning…and NEVER apologize for using the dishwasher. We do not have one and I’ve had to give up doing the dishes entirely: the combination of big belly, standing for so long over the hot sink, the hot weather…by the time I’m almost finished my back is killing me, I’ve dropped more clean dishes back into the soapy water than I’d like and I’m on the verge of over-heating. My kingdom for a dishwasher. (Which I consider minimalist anyway, because it allows you to focus on the food and the time together rather than spending 30 minutes standing at the sink. Vive Le Dishwasher!)

    And congratulations on your new addition! Happy and healthy pregnancy to you :-)

  • Congratulations on the new life. It’s true that there are seasons. It is also helpful to remember that minimalism is a means not an end. It is the means to a calmer, more focused, less cluttered life. If a dishwasher is a better means to that end than a pile of dirty dishes waiting to be hand washed while the baby needs nursing and Henry needs mama-time, then by all means…

  • Congratulations on the new baby you are growing!
    The most important thing is that you look after yourself and nurture the growing baby.
    If you need to rest, then rest. It doesn’t matter if there is a little disorder around you,( as long as it doesn’t end up overwhelming you.)
    There are no Minimalism police about to knock on your door!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! Awesome news :) And it’s always so reassuring to hear of other messy minimalist houses! Sometimes life just takes over, and you’ve got the best excuse in the world. I also have to comment on the dishwasher. I tried handwashing all our dishes last year. I finally came to the realisation, after having done this for a few months, I HATE washing dishes. I hate drying dishes. I LOVE my dishwasher :) With 4 of us in the house, I run it once a day and I only have to do a minimum of dishes (stuff that can’t go in the dishwasher, or pots and pans that don’t fit). And TV? I had to rest for the last 6 weeks of my last pregnancy, with a 2 year old to entertain (soooo lucky they were born in the order they were…) and we watched SO much TV so I could remain sitting down. Totally didn’t hurt her, and we got to enjoy some lovely time together snuggled on the couch. Only downside, there is one particular Wiggles DVD if I ever see again I think I may scream!

  • Congratulations! :):) I didn’t see that coming reading down the page, so that was a happy surprise! :)

  • Many congratulations on your wonderful news!

    I love reading your blog. It’s helps me stay focused staying minimalist in almost every area. I still am working on my book addiction, but I aiming for minimalistish rather than minimalist in that area.

  • Congrats! Rumours of a January/February 2013 baby-boom just got stronger reading this comment thread. I’m due at the end of January.

    If it makes you feel better about the paleo thing, we’re still about 2/3 too but ALL of my cravings have been grain-based and all of my aversions salad-based. Also, I’ve given up drying clothes on a line and my kid has watched far too much Dora in the last few weeks.

  • Congratulations, Rachel! Such exciting times :)

    If it makes you feel any better, I remember reading somewhere that running a dishwasher full of dishes is actually more environmentally responsible than hand-washing the same number of dishes (but I’m not going to go digging for references, just in case it’s not actually true, hahaha).

  • Congratulations!

    This is my season too – almost exactly except that I am due with #3 in February (an unexpected by-product of my 100 day internet sabbatical). I’m still in the first trimester and am having the same late-in-the-day issues that you seem to be having. I read in one of the comments that another pregnant lady recently instituted quiet-time for her non-napping child and I highly recommend this. I have always always always stood by the quiet-time rule and it helps a lot. When my first daughter stopped napping I was pregnant with my second daughter and I couldn’t cope without some down time. In fact, I still can’t cope without some down time. At first it was tough and I was annoyed that she wouldn’t nap but we have the same pre-quiet time routine that we had for pre-nap time and that helped. She has to stay in her room (unless she needs to go to the bathroom) and she has to be quiet. She has some books in her room and her bed toys (stuffed animals) but that’s it. And now at almost 4.5 years old she has started napping again – sometimes she just decides she needs to sleep and she knows if she does she gets to stay up later with her Dad and I. I also make it so that quiet-time is the same as the 2-year old’s nap-time and I turn off the phone and read or rest. It isn’t a time to do chores or anything and I no longer feel guilty about that. My friends laugh at me because I prize nap/quiet time so much but when children are this small I think it is really important. And that is pretty much the only part of parenting I am good at. : )

    Of course, now that I have said that we are moving the 2-year old into a bed soon and this is all going to be thrown out the window and have to be started again.

    I would also love a dishwasher. I’m pretty sure it would be way-more environmentally friendly then trying to wash dishes with my 2-year old “helping”.

  • Congratulations! I hope your exhaustion and nausea end soon. I’ve got three kiddos 4 and under, so I’m familiar with embracing seasons. It’s the only way to survive! We’re in the midst of a move, so I’m also trying to give myself grace. We’re eating out more and aren’t as hardcore about limiting purchases, but it’s helping us stay sane. What good is minimalism if you go insane in the process? :)

  • Congratulations! My number one piece of advice would be nap with your son. It was an absolute lifesaver in my second pregnancy!

    I’m at a season in life where I can’t have a house that’s always picked up. Having a 3 year old and 6 month old just means that there are going to be things on the floor, no matter how I try to keep them in their place. I’ve learned to accept this, along with continuing to reduce it. :-)

  • Congrats! and yes, I’ve been in that position of having to ‘let it go’ a little more than i feel comfortable doing. and for the same reason! expecting a new baby is a lot of work in itself!

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