Leaving Minimalism


The title Minimalist Mom isn’t that accurate for me. If you’ve read a few posts here you’ll know that I aim for less and what we can live comfortably with rather than a rigid goal of a handful of possessions. I chose the name while in a burst of zeal for the idea of what […]

Choosing Organic Over An iPhone


My husband I finished our Whole30 a few weeks ago. We both felt really good by the end and were sleeping well and had more energy. We’ve continued to eat primarily whole unprocessed foods and did a few test runs with dairy and gluten to see how we feel. Gluten: my ankles swelled up for […]

Fewer Decisions Creates More Focus


What’s for lunch? Should we go swimming this morning or play at home? Red or green? Or blue or purple? Decisions, big and small, can steal focus from your tasks and work. I’ve noticed that the more routine we have, even in our loose schedule, the more we get done. When I know that I […]

Being “That Family”


Some days I’m not sure where or when we crossed the line into being “that family”. Was it choosing home birth? Cloth diapering? Getting rid of so much stuff? Selling our car? At some point we decided that the more conventional path might not be the right one for us. Growing up all I wanted […]

Using Habits To Simplify Your Life

Source: amzn.to via Rachel on Pinterest   My email Inbox used to be full of newsletters from online stores and companies. I got daily deal emails from three sources: one for kid’s stuff and two from big daily deal sites. Invariably, I bought things I didn’t need. I’d never heard of a Brazilian Blow Out […]

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