A Return To Competitive Shopping

Summer 2004: I am not going to the Olympics. I am devastated. I am also living in dorms with my friends and teammates that are going to the Olympics. And training at the same lake with them. And eating at the same breakfast table. I cannot escape my failure. I can, however, try and buy […]

Eating My Hat: Living In A Small Town

Source: Uploaded by user via Rachel on Pinterest   When you live in a 598 square foot condo in an urban area and are expecting your first child, many, many people tell you to move out of the city. They tell you it may not happen now but eventually you’ll want to leave the big […]

Is It Rude To Ask For No Gifts?


Third birthday parties can be overwhelming for all involved. We’re all still recovering here from the fun and frenzy of Henry’s birthday weekend. Unlike the last two years we celebrated this milestone with what is for us a large party. Almost 40 of our friends and their children helped us mark the day with a […]

I May Be Boring But I’m Not Bored


Twenty year-old me would think my current life is heinously boring. Mostly stay-at-home mom, living in a small town on an island and I work part-time for myself making a teeny tiny fraction of my previous salary. Fame and fortune haven’t found me. I’m not training for anything exciting like an Ironman and I haven’t […]

The $10 Worth Of Toys That Replaces $15,000


If you’re interested in Minimalism and other bloggers/writers check out this piece in Wandr’y magazine profiling a half dozen people that have made the move to less. Interesting to see how a lot of us writing about living with less were inspired by each other. Chris, Henry and I get a little shout out in […]

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