Preparing For A New Baby: 26 Weeks


Apologies for the impromptu blog break last week and many thanks for the encouraging words about the M word. I want to reiterate that I haven’t abandoned this blog or living with less. Just working, as I always am, on finding a balance with our possessions and commitments.

The silence last week was mostly positive. We were on our last trip as a family of three and I thought I would have more time for writing and blogging than I did. Most of it was good stuff – the sun, sights, my guys and some books – but one of it was of the bad variety. Getting felled by a 24 hour stomach bug is unpleasant most of the time but doubly unpleasant on your last day in Ibiza. Lucky for me I was shaky but standing the next morning as we headed to Barcelona. It was a great trip and we are so lucky to have the means, and proximity, to travel like this.

Tomorrow I hit the 26th week of my pregnancy. As many mothers of two or more have told me, second pregnancies fly by. I was questioned by a flight attendant about how many weeks I was and had to do some math in my head to give her the answer. FYI Flybe has a policy that pregnant women need a doctor’s note to fly between 28 and 32 weeks. Oops. Had no idea. Glad we didn’t book for a few weeks later…

Since my last update I have:

Made it to prenatal yoga twice. Success!

I’m a fair weather yoga-ist at the best of times. Last time around I went to exactly one prenatal yoga class and found the instructor and setting to be a bad fit for me. The room was cramped and the instructor’s tone and talk were grating. I couldn’t focus and was counting the minutes until it was over.

Looking back I wish I had gone to at least one more class. I’m sure I was having an off day, hormones raging or a trouble at work, and perhaps the class in general was off as well.

This time I put my positive hat on and kept my expectations low and they were blown away. The instructor was fabulous and I felt so calm and relaxed by the end of class that I almost fell asleep during the guided relaxation session.

Second pregnancies not only fly by but there isn’t as much of that quiet bonding with your belly moments. Happy to have 90 minutes a week carved out for just me and this new baby.

Decided not to buy a double stroller.

There’s some talk that kids should be kicked out the stroller at age 3; an arbitrary rule that doesn’t account for the lifestyle and needs of each family.

For a few weeks I mulled over if we needed a new stroller. Our BOB stroller isn’t suitable for infants until 6 months unless you add a car seat attachment. With no car we rely on that stroller for getting around town. The stroller also isn’t suitable for a buggy board or toddler standing board attachment.

While I could easily justify buying a second hand stroller with buggy board I’ve decided to wing it for now.

If this baby is like Henry it will be fine in a carrier (Ergo) or wrap (Moby) for quite a while. Henry can keep his seat in the stroller and when his sibling is old enough to sit in the seat, Henry can hop on the front lip of the stroller for short rides when needed.

If this baby hates being in a carrier we’ll deal with it. I don’t want to buy something for a problem that might happen.

Bought newborn size cloth diapers.

The diapers in the picture above just arrived. I bought them, and a few more, off of swap/buy and sell site.

With Henry we used a diaper service until three months and never needed infant sized diapers. No diaper service on the Isle of Man so I bought about 20 previously owned infant diapers. They’re all in great shape and were less than half of what I would have paid for them new.

Infant diapers are used for such a short time, usually less than 4 months, that it’s hard to justify spending $400-$600 dollars them. Two solutions are to buy pre-owned diapers or inexpensive prefolds. I’ll have a few prefolds in my stash of new born diapers and the rest will be fitteds (used with a cover), all-in-ones and pocket diapers.

These diapers are tiny and when I showed them to Chris it really hit us that we’ll soon have a very small baby here.

And… that’s it.

No wonder first time parents spend a fortune. This newborn checklist looks overwhelming for even a second time mom.

Luckily I already know we don’t need all that stuff.

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  • Turning 26 weeks on Wednesday I couldn’t be more on the same page! I realized I haven’t bought one thing yet for this baby and just when I think that sounds bad, I realize it’s great to realize yuhave what you need. I too have opted to skip the double stroller (for now) until we know we need it or are happy we don’t. I used cloth last time but never had enough and proably do need to get on finding more of those. The ones you got look awesome. The two other things that have been on my mind are sleeping arrangements, which I think we’ve settled on the infant part of our pack n’ play for now, and baby names. I think we’ve also settled on that too. This second baby stuff is great! :)

    • :) Yeah! Second time around really is less stressful and way less expensive.
      I am a reformed cloth diaper addict. Could talk about them all day and probably spent too much the first time around (I got into wool covers. Amazing but pricey).
      Those diapers are AIOs that have a double snap in insert in them. They arrived with a second set of inserts and I’m told if only the insert is just wet I can pull them out and snap in the back-up set. Kind of like a pocket diaper you can use twice.
      Hope you are feeling well, Kim. Just a few more months!
      – R

  • I’m a new mom and I just finished reading the list that all new babies NEED! What a joke. The only thing that I really needed was the cloth diapers that I’m using and even then not right away. He was too small for the ones that I had purchused. As my baby arrive early and we had not yet had the baby shower I had almost no clothing. 3 sleepers, a hat and 3 oneies. It was plenty for the first two weeks clothing wise. For sleeping I had a bassinet and 4 receiving blankets. My only other things that I had were the infant car seat (which you need in Canada to be discharged from the hospital) and a bouncy chair.
    I have gotten more things as I have needed them but in the beginning you don’t need much. :)

  • I found that until R ate some solids the cloth diapers were too much trouble. I still have a bag of old-fashioned eco-unfriendly diapers and use them at nights and when we go out for the whole day – this is what work for me, a good balance between being frugal, ecological and lazy. I have almost exclusively all-size pockets and I love the fact, that I will be able to sell them at the same price that I paid when R grows up.
    One of the reasons that I used disposable diapers for a newborn is that in winter the inserts needed almost two days to be fully dry, so with 8-10 diapers a day I would practically need 40-50 to completely abandon disposables. Or at least two times more small inserts than diapers, which would be costly, because almost nobody sells them separately.
    And you know what? When the second baby is born, time flies even faster. R was just a small baby a “week” ago and now she can stand without support, has four teeth and will have birthday in a month… When did this happen?

    • With Henry I found that once he ate solids the cloth diapers became more trouble. I breastfed him so everything was water soluble and could just go straight into the machine. But once he was eating solids… ack. Lots of work to get things off the diapers before sending them to the pail.
      Cloth doesn’t work for everyone. It stopped working for us when we moved over to the Isle of Man when Henry was 19 months. Our washer was a terrible little thing that barely got our clothes clean and took forever. So I had to abandon cloth diapering. Also, by that point I used disposables overnight because our cloth just wouldn’t contain things for that long.
      Good reminder about winter drying times. Will be a challenge for me with this baby.

      • Oh, and if you’ve never used them: the liners are not entirely single use – without stool you can wash them like the diapers 3 or 4 times before they break down, so practically I use 1 more a day than the number of stools :)

      • We installed a spray attachment to our toilet water line to handle diapers after they start solids. I’ve clothed diapered three and it was worth every penny.

  • I recently went to a blog written by a first-time mom-to-be. She had a list of 50 items that are “must-haves”, something that was funny since no one needs that much but also because she hadn’t even had the baby yet and could hardly be called an expert!

    Anyway, we just sold the last of our cloth diapers yesterday.Somebody got a great deal, and we got grocery money for the week. I was a tad sad about letting them go, but we’re finished. No reason to hold on to them.

  • I also am slowly gearing up for my second baby… definitely more slowly than I did for the first one! We’re trying to keep new things for this baby to a minimum, and I think it’s working. We already got a stroller than can become a double stroller (the Baby Jogger City Select) and so I’m glad I’ll just have to add an attachment for the car seat and then be good to go! Here’s to walking around our little towns instead of driving… even in Sicily!

  • Wow! Things are progressing quickly!
    Hope you had fun in Spain. (hard not to?)
    We love our Phil & Ted’s double stroller (except when we get a flat tire!)
    It comes in handy when we need to get places quickly (the university and downtown are about a 30 minute walk).
    Our little girl is 3 months today! When we have all three out, she rides in the carrier and the guys jump in the stroller. When it’s just 2 babes, big kid rides in the back and we set Eve in the car seat and she resides on the stroller. It’s not authorized and more than likely violates international law, but we secure it with a couple of bungees!
    (no more brackets please trev!)

  • I think you’re very wise in not buying a double stroller just yet. We never had one, only because it was not in the budget, and we had no where to store one! My older son got used to walking when he was about three, and now he is a great little walker. I know that every child is different and our attitudes as parents make a huge difference too. Anyway, I think it’s good to ‘wait and see’, and if you really need the stoller, then you can buy (or borrow) one later.

  • Good plan not buying another stroller. You won’t need one until baby is too heavy for the carrier.

  • Putting in my two bits: I think you’ll do great with the Ergo for baby and stroller for toddler. Those double strollers are so big and hard to get in and out of grocery stores, transit, everything! I ended up using a buggy board and stroller combo when the baby got too heavy to carry for long distances. That way my toddler was encouraged to walk, but could stand when she got too tired or whiny (or just wanted a ride!). Kicking your child out of the stroller is, in my opinion, not the answer for a family who walks everywhere, or uses transit a lot. Others may judge or say something (they will!), but they don’t know how far that toddler has already walked/run/jump etc…. My toddler looked a year older than she was because she was tall and I can tell you that at least weekly, someone would say something to the fact, “Aren’t you a little too big for that stroller?” I had to learn to just ignore it or say something snarky, “Well, we could be in the car, but we decided to be OUTSIDE.”, depending on my mood.

    Good for you to try yoga again, it’s a great time to bond with the belly! And enjoy the great 2nd trimester!

    • I will have to remember that response when I get a comment about little ones being too big for a stroller. We walk everywhere (school, parks, grocery stores, etc) and my youngest is 4 and tires easily (and complains a lot, so sometimes the stroller is the best option for everyone involved. Not to mention it’s great for carrying groceries. :)

  • Oh my goodness, those diapers are so cute. Can’t look at cloth diapers for the most part, or I get all dreamy about babies. :)

    A double stroller is not really a necessity – if Henry is the type who is happy to walk, you would not likely get much use out of a double for very long (my oldest was three when his baby brother came along and he didn’t last more than a couple of months riding in a double). You will love the BOB with two – so easy to have the older child sit in the foot well while your little one sits in the regular seat or carseat/attachment. I know BOB doesn’t recommend that set-up, but I think as long as you’re not running and just walking it is fine. We’ve been borrowing a BOB from a friend for the last year while they’re out of the country and we STILL use that set up (ahem, kids are 7 and 4!) every once in a while on longer walks around the seawall.

  • Good for you with the cloth diapers! I have cloth diapers for my little man (two months old yesterday!), but he still needs to chunk up a little bit before they fit. However, I’m OK with using disposable right now, because I’m still trying to navigate going back to work (work from home) and just trying to navigate my new mom world. It’s wonderful, but it’s a challenge. Not being a slave to all of the things that babies “need” has been a help, but wow – they seem to come with plenty of “stuff.” :)

  • We love our double BOB (a rare Craigslist find) but it is not worth the trouble when we are using it to get to the bus stop. It’s too bulky to get on and off the bus, so we don’t bother. So yeah- if I were using it regularly as a combination with public transport, it would stress me out more than help me. I think your single BOB/infant wearing is a good combo.

    We also have cheated with all three of our kids and put them in the BOB early. I recline the seat as much as possible and put a little head positioner (it is made for our carseat, to keep their head from moving around too much) in the BOB and just take it easy. I can’t see any more jostling in the stroller than when I am carrying the carseat and it’s banging on my hip:) I’ve also put a hand towel (rolled up) in a u-shape around their head, if I don’t have the carseat head positioner thingy on hand.

    My (unsolicited) two cents:)

  • Hi! I just wanted to say that I’m enjoying your posts–especially baby related ones! I’m currently expecting my fifth child and by now I’ve got his whole what-do-we-need thing down to an art! We’ve moved since we had our last baby and I chose not to keep anything. We didn’t know if we’d have more, and if we did, all of the previous baby stuff had been through four children and was ready to be let go anyhow.

    I’m due in four weeks and our baby essentials are:
    5 onsies
    5 zippered footie pajamas
    3 pairs of stretchy pants
    5 kimono shirts
    1 warm snuggly bunting bag
    1 carrier (we chose an ergo)
    3 blankets
    24 prefolds with three one-size covers
    a couple of spare “nice” outfits for pictures or special events

    I’ll likely knit some booties that have worked for my previous children. I usually just use our regular hand towels as burp cloths. I use a regular pillow for support while breastfeeding. I use a bed-sheet clip to create a bib out of ordinary face cloths. When the cloth is dirtied, I detach the bed-sheet clip and attach another. We use very mild soap regularly and I have always just used that on my babies and they did alright. Baby lotion always comes in the form of olive or coconut oil around here, too.

    I’ve never used swings, or play mats, bassinets or playpens. I find that laying them down on colourful crochet blanket on a pillow is fun enough for a very new baby. I am however considering getting one of those bouncy chairs or something of the like, as I’ll be a lot busier now than I was with my other children. I have bought all the clothes consignment or thrift and I normally replace them in three-six month intervals until I can get away sizing up without it looking too ridiculous or being uncomfortable for the baby.

    Things around the house are wonderful toys for an exploring baby. Metal measuring spoons= rattle, wooden spoons= teether etc. My children have had special toys and so will this one, but those things tend to be gifts from family and friends.

    Babies really do not need much, it’s true!

  • Around here (Germany), there is a new trend in the last years: trainer bikes for toddlers like this one:

    Any child that can walk can use them (children train the balancing quite naturally, starting off just walking while sitting on the saddle, until they get really fast racers on these things, thus a helmet is necessary). The beauty of these things is that not only do they make the transition to a bike easier – the toddlers can easily reach the speed of a walking (or running!) adult and don’t tire as easily, even when your walks are a little longer. Plus, they seem to be great fun!
    It might be a good investment for you or rather for Henry to enable him walk/bike independently and having fun, while you carry or push your little one in the stroller.

    • P.S. of course one shouldn’t start using such a bike in a busy city (or downhill!), but I guess, your walks on the island would include longer strides along rather quiet and safe pathways.

  • What brand of cloth diapers are those? I realize that may be a terrible question to ask on a minimalist blog but we are expecting our third and with our second, I embraced cloth diapering at around 6 months by which time he was comfortably into a one-size pocket diaper. I would really like to cloth diaper the new little one (it is the one and only purchase I am seriously comtemplating) but can tell that our existing diapers will be too big and I won’t like it and will just go back to disposables. Have been looking for newborn options so I have some time to hunt down used ones but haven’t had a lot of luck with the looks of the ones I have found so far. Yours look nice – soft, comfy and small. Please share.

    • Those are Itti Bitti AIO size small. Never used that brand before but they were a good deal 2nd hand and looked like a nice option.
      We have a few one size diapers that I will throw into the mix once the new one is 10 lbs+ but you’re right, one size diapers don’t fit that well on a newborn.
      Not a terrible question 😉 I always like to hear from people that have a good experience with a certain brand or style.
      Most of our stash is Fuzzi Bunz size medium. They were easy to use and fit my chubby toddler for a long long time. Then I have some wool covers and OS fitteds for overnights and more covers and flats in multiple sizes.

  • On a related note re: trips when you’re pregnant, some friends of mine tried to go on a cruise a couple of weeks ago. She was 24 weeks along, and they wouldn’t let her get on the ship because she was past 23 weeks. They had to watch the ship sail away with all their luggage aboard, then wait a week until the ship came back! Just a heads up to any of your readers who may be pregnant and planning a cruise.

  • I was thinking of getting the Out ‘n About doube buggy when my second son was born, and I still think I should have. There is a three year gap between my kids, and I could have saved a lot of crying, whingeing, stress and time had I been able to put my older boy in the buggy too.

    • I think we may still get a double buggy, particularly something I can run with because I would like to do a half marathon next fall. Hoping the one stroller with baby in carrier plan works until next summer and we can decide then.
      Thanks for weighing in. Good to hear from another mum with a 3 year age gap.

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