9 Compostable or Edible Christmas Tree Decorations

All of our Christmas tree decorations are packed away in a decoration box in Vancouver. They were too fragile to ship overseas. At least that’s what I told myself when we were in the thick of moving. Perhaps I was feeling too overwhelmed to put the energy into packing them properly. Or I was thinking […]

Today vs. One Day and How We Survived the Norovirus

Last week I hit rock bottom. Rock bottom on linens. We had the perfect storm of an aggressive stomach bug, a child that hasn’t mastered the skill of vomiting into a bucket and our hang dry laundry system that in this winter weather means 14 hours for wash to dry of a bed sheet and […]

6 Ways To Simplify Your Holiday Meal

For all you Americans preparing for Turkey-fest… Have you ever had small crisped up sausages with your Christmas meal? It was part of the spread growing up. Turkey, sausage stuffing, mashed turnip, brussel sprouts, potatoes (mashed and roasted), cranberry sauce, bread sauce, gravy and mini sausages. Can you tell my mum is Scottish? Lots of […]

Alone Together

Source: amzn.to via Rachel on Pinterest   Have you ever had your laptop slammed shut by a toddler? My son did that to me a while back. I was writing an email to a friend and he came over and flipped the screen down. He wanted me to come and play with him and it […]

24 Clutter Free Advent Calendar Gift Ideas

I yearned for an advent calendar growing up. I thought they were the height of cool and reserved for the rich. The calendars I envied? The cheap ones with a chocolate for each day. The 80’s were a simpler time I guess. Now parents blow up December with more gifts than their little ones can […]

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