90 Clutter Free Gift Ideas

 90 Clutter Free Gift Ideas

Are you getting complaints that you’re impossible to buy for since you de-clutterred your life and home?

Or do you have a simple living enthusiast in your life that you’re struggling to find a gift for?

Here is a list of 90 clutter free gifts to give and receive this holiday season.

Things to nibble, sip, read, watch, learn, laugh, smell, relax, pamper, sweat and love. Nothing to dust.


Gifting something to eat or drink is a great way to introduce a friend to a treasured delicacy. The recipe links in here are from some of my favorite food writers. The peppermint bark is divine and I made many, many batches of the biscotti as favors for my wedding.

  • Wine
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate, Cheese, Fruit, Wine of the Month Club membership
  • Flowers or Plants
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share or membership
  • Homemade Baking: peppermint bark, biscotti (keeps well), peanut brittle,
  • Homemade Food Gifts: soup ingredients in a jar, dessert ingredients in a jar, make your own Smores, hot chocolate mix, trail mix, peanut butter granola, a frozen meal that you have prepared with them in mind and that they can thaw out for an easy and delicious dinner amid the holiday busyness.

Experience Gifts

Tip: if you receive an experience gift make sure to send a review and some more gratitude to the person post-use. It will make the gift feel tangible and encourage more experience gift giving.

  • Tickets to a play, movie, event, concert.
  • Season pass or annual membership to a museum, art gallery, aquarium, science centre, amusement park or zoo.
  • Tickets or passes for ice skating, swimming, skiing, snowshoeing, indoor rock climbing.
  • Own a holiday property? Gift a few nights to a friend or relative.
  • Own a boat? Give an afternoon out on the lake in the summer.
  • Massage
  • Spa Treatment

Digital Gifts

It’s true, these gifts could clutter up a hard drive or someone’s spare time. But they won’t clutter up the home so I’m including them here. Sharing some of my favorite books and movies.

Gift Cards

Look into local stores that the recipient enjoys. Things like small cafes, specialty stores, hobby stores or perhaps a prepaid punch card for a drop-in yoga class.

The other way to put more meaning behind a gift card is to attach a note suggesting what the card could be used for. Ex. iTunes Gift Card: I know you’ve wanted album ______ – here it is! or electronics store gift card: A little something to help with the iPod you’ve been saving up for.

  • iTunes Gift Card
  • ZipCar Membership *gift your friend the opportunity to try out car-sharing
  • Fuel Gift Card (for their winter road trip!)
  • Bookstore Gift Card
  • Kindle Gift Card
  • Amazon Gift Card. This is pretty much the gift card for everything and anything. Include a note with a suggested purchase.
  • Starbucks Gift Card. For your friend that refuses to get their morning java anywhere else.

For Your Partner/Spouse

You probably know them best so what’s the one thing your partner always asks you for more of?

  • Massage (by the giver) Gift Certificate
  • Sleep-In Tickets. Great if you have children or a dog that needs walking in the early morning.
  • Foot Rub Tickets
  • Romantic Letter. Tell the person you love why you love them. Thank them for all that they do for you. I have a small box of letters my husband sent me when we were dating and all the ones since. I love to read them again once or twice a year.
  • Chore Tickets. Take over some household duties for your significant other. These don’t have to be big jobs like painting a bathroom. It could be as simple as doing their laundry or packing a lunch. Half the fun of the gift will be your spouse thinking up elaborate and hilarious chores before they simply ask you if you could unload the dishwasher.

Share Your Expertise

Everyone has some sort of expertise and chances are they also have a friend that wants to learn whatever the skill is. From baking bread to making homemade yogurt to decoupage to using PhotoShop, many of us have talents and knowledge that would make excellent clutter-free and useful gifts to our friends.

Read the rest of this post at Life Your Way: 90 Clutter-Free Gift Ideas.


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  • Brilliant list Rachel! …I’d like the Sleep-In Tickets for Christmas. :)
    One of my clutter-free gifts this year is my home-made cranberry and lime vodka. Tastes delicious and while framenting looks good as Christmas decoration too. (see Pintrest)

  • I love clutter free gifts! I usually do consumable gifts, but this year all our nieces and nephews are getting Mohawk hats. I’ll also send along some toffee or fudge, which ever I get a chance to make this week.

  • For the adults in my life I always do a mix of treats, a small baggy of sweets or coffee or different types of cookies and a donation in their name to a charity that I know they support.
    For the children,I use the something to read, something to wear, something they want and something they need and have added on a something to do (ie experience gift) and a something to give (a donation in their name). Teaching kids about sharing and generosity can never begin too early.
    This year, our something to give is going to a local rabbit rescue organization. Last year we donated to an animal shelter and the year before we donated to help buy mosquito nets for children in malarial countries.

  • Hi Rachel,
    I will definitely use some of these ideas this Christmas but I have a question for you regarding young kids (under 5). A number of these items are terrific for adults. Any ideas on what to give the little ones in your life? My nephews have small children who receive loads of gifts at Christmas so I am trying to think of something to give them that is consumable. Thanks for any thoughts you might have!

    • Tickets to an event/class? It is harder with really young kids to express what a ‘not in your hands right now’ gift is. I know my son (3 yrs old) might struggle to understand that he is receiving tickets to go and do something.
      I bet if you ask your nephews for some ideas they can help you out.

    • How about some toy that is “consumable”, like a colouring book, soap bubbles, play-doh (I know, ours always eventually got brownish grey when all colours were finally mixed), paint, stickers, coloured paper for crafts etc. ?
      and/or little treats like sweets.

  • Huzzah!

    My family just converted to digital/consumable gifts for us, and it is *most excellent*. I am so happy that they did this, because in years past, it was so much *stuff*. They still buy and wrap for DS, but because of shipping, they are cautious with their purchasing (or purchase less).

    I am so grateful for this, I cannot even begin to say! :)

    I buy local consumables (usually locally sourced/made) and also wear-ables. And, we do a family photo. Everyone seems to like that. It works nicely.

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