Wishing You Well


It isn’t shiny but our kinda minimalist Christmas tree is beautiful.

I’m terribly un-crafty but the gingerbread ornaments, cinnamon sticks with ribbon and strings of cranberries were easy in terms of time and skill. My attempt at popcorn strings was a fail (took too long) and I never got around to making orange slices. Maybe next time.

Our tree lights, half dozen ornaments and tree star will easily pack up into one small box; a win for keeping our small front closet in order.

Been absent from the blogging world because I am a) officially on maternity leave and b) doing my best to enjoy this holiday season in a relaxed and not too busy way.

In my mantra to keep things simple and fun we’ve been sleeping in when possible and not seeing or doing absolutely everything available to us. So we didn’t make it to the Christmas Horse Tram this year but we did go to two family holiday parties and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It’s been a good time to do a bit less so we can enjoy more.

While I haven’t been blogging much I have read some great posts in the last week. Here are two of my favourites:

The Gift of Death George Monbiot (via Yaya Baby)

This isn’t a feel good piece but it’s an important one. As I read it I felt my heart sink a bit while at the same time I was agreeing with almost every word.

Bake them a cake, write them a poem, give them a kiss, tell them a joke, but for god’s sake stop trashing the planet to tell someone you care. All it shows is that you don’t. – George Monbiot

For something lighter with practical tips:

12 Tips for an Easier Christmas from Small Notebook

I link to Small Notebook a lot. Her posts resonate with me (and so many other readers!). The focus is on making household management easier while still having beauty, fun and joy in your life.

8. Keep family traditions flexible by asking, “What’s best for this year?” It’s okay if you need to skip a year. – Small Notebook

We’re still forming our holiday traditions as a family of three, soon to be four. This was the year of the advent calendar which has been a lot of fun for a very small investment of time and money. As our kids get older I might change up what’s in the calendar. The comments section on 24 Clutter Free Advent Calendar Gifts gave me a lot of ideas. Many thanks to everyone for sharing your wonderful traditions.

Wishing you well this holiday season.

It might be a bit quiet on this blog for the next little bit. The holidays and the impending arrival of my second child will be keeping me busy. All good reasons to step away from the screen, right?

Have a wonderful holiday season and hope there are a few great Christmas gifts for mom under the tree!


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  • Merry Christmas, Rachel.

    We decided to have Christmas a day early (my husband is working Xmas day), and our dinner is going to be Chinese food from our favorite restaurant. We’re hoping even to have dinner at said restaurant to keep the mess somewhere else. It’s not a tradition for us, but this year, it works.

  • I think your tree looks awesome. Your ornaments turned out beautifully!

    And that quote about keeping family traditions flexible is one I needed to hear. The world will not fall apart if it isn’t fulfilled. Next year sounds good to me.

  • Hi R,
    I have been thinking about you lots. 2 years ago at Christmas I was very pregnant and counting down the days.
    I love that you are sleeping in and not doing everything you can. Life is already full without cramming full of the seasonal activities which take up time, cost $ and often cannot compare to fun closer to home. We decorate our lemon tree “Jack” every year with a mish mash of silly things. Anyway I will shoot you a line away from here but wanted to let you know I am sending you tonnes of love and positive energy for all that is coming your way.
    Be well and keep smiling.

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts over the last several months since I found you in my own quest for simplicity and less stuff. I’ve also enjoyed the links to Small Notebook. So, thank you for that and early congratulations on your upcoming delivery! May your downtime away from the blog be refreshing and may your early days as a family of four be peaceful and joy-filled. I look forward to checking back in here, whenever that may be. No worries. No rush. No pressure. Tomorrow is another day…to quote Scarlett O’Hara :)

  • Congrats on the new baby coming! Well, I’m finding this post on Jan. 1, so happy New Year, and enjoy your time of relaxation. :)

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