Families in Small Homes: Britt Reints

 As part of my Families in Small Home Series I asked Britt Reints, freelance writer and blogger, to tell us about simplifying and downsizing as a family of four. They have pared down, moved and reimagined their lifestyle, city and living situation several times over several years and currently call Pittsburgh home. Enjoy and be […]

A Different Clock

Wil arrived a week ago. The Coles notes version is an ‘easy’ labour: we arrived at the hospital at 8am, I was in the labor pool at 9am and I pulled Wil out of the water and onto my chest at 9:54am. I’ll save you from the longer version that starts at noon the previous […]

Forget Resolutions: Make a Habit to Simplify in 2013

This is an excerpt from my latest post for Home Your Way. You can read the entire post here. In my late teens and 20s I was an athlete. I worked out a lot. Eighteen workouts a week for 48-50 weeks of the year. Most of the workouts were out on a lake rowing in […]

Decluttering in 2013: Join Them

After doing big purge, I am going to put a sign on my door that says “dear friends, don’t bring us any more dollar store crap” #toomuchcrap — crabbykate (@crabbykate) January 1, 2013         Are you seeing a trend in the 2013 goals and resolutions floating around out there? People want clutter […]

Hello 2013

  Reflecting on 2012 and gearing up for 2013 here. And trying to get a lot of long walks in as my due date approaches. We grew in some areas and continued to cut back in others in 2012. Balance, right? We moved into a bigger home. In April we moved out of our our […]

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