The Simple Year

This is a guest post from Kerry Reifel of The Simple Year. Kerry is sharing her story of simplifying and offering a very unique opportunity to share yours. Read on for more details. Thanks, Kerry! What makes life simpler? Is it an organized spice rack? Could it be wash and go hair? Is meditation the […]

What If I Give Away Something I Eventually Need Again?

Long time no blog. What can I say, I’ve been hanging with this guy, his brother and the patriarch of the family. When I have some spare moments, usually while nursing, I am reading. Recently enjoyed The Light Between Oceans and stayed up a bit too late with a baby asleep in my lap while […]

The Simplest Gift

      We’ve received some lovely little clothes for our second son since he arrived. Lovely notes in the mail and hugs and texts and emails of congratulations. Along with the thoughtful notes and tiny clothes, we’ve received meals. We had a weekend of incredible dinners brought to us, enough for a feast and […]

Going Dark: National Day of Unplugging 2013

  Are you joining me and thousands of others as we ‘go dark’ for the National Day of Unplugging? I’ll be without cell phone or Internet or television from sundown this evening until sundown tomorrow. My only exception for screens will be my Kindle. I’ve been saving the last third of Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects […]

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