Going Dark: National Day of Unplugging 2013


Are you joining me and thousands of others as we ‘go dark’ for the National Day of Unplugging?

I’ll be without cell phone or Internet or television from sundown this evening until sundown tomorrow.

My only exception for screens will be my Kindle. I’ve been saving the last third of Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects as my Friday night read and plan to get a few chapters of Alone Together in on Saturday.

It’s just 24 hours. I know for some people this will seem daunting but I can tell you from experience it is so worth it. I did a week offline last year and not only learned a lot but felt so energized and rested from it.

Here are a few links I have liked this week:

Have a wonderful weekend and hope to hear that some of you are joining me for the National Day of Unplugging.

– Rachel

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    • :) How did it go? Mine was painless. Actually, enjoyable. We had a rough night of sleep on the Friday evening and spent most of Saturday puttering at home. When we went out it was for a walk and some exercise/fun.

  • Thanks for the post… we joined your Unplug day… my little daughter loved it… we just lit 3 candles… she didn’t mind the dark and invented all kind of games… she went to bed earlier and stressfree which was great and we woke up earlier aswell..we really enjoyed the extra time together as a couple aswell -without the interruption of TV, Internet,etc Nevertheless we still cooked but used candles instead of light and opened the door instead of using the exhaust hood…
    I even posted the idea on my blog but it seems nobody was up for the challenge…and obviously non of my neighbours here in Germany… you have many great ideas and I really like to see that there are similar minded people somewhere in the world…

  • Well… I did it! Two day for me, actually. It was tough, and quite an eye-opener… but I’m glad I did it. In fact, I think I might try to do it a bit more often. :)

    • Well done on two days! I also need to make it a habit to unplug more often. Right now it’s pretty easy because I have a newborn – some days I don’t have the chance to open my laptop. But I would like it take a day completely unplugged once a week. I have in the past but seem to fall off the wagon after a few weeks.

  • Sharp objects is one of my favorite books, I think it’s great. I would do any exception for it.

  • I always think it’s funny to write blog posts about unplugging–kind of an irony! But it really is a matter of balance. We spend our weekends unplugged, for the most part, as well as much of our summer, because we are often out of cell phone range when we are cruising on the boat. Writing is an important part of my life, and a release for me–and my e-mail friendships are very important. However, there’s something refreshing about living in the here-and-now, without all the digital distractions.

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