The Simplest Gift




We’ve received some lovely little clothes for our second son since he arrived. Lovely notes in the mail and hugs and texts and emails of congratulations.

Along with the thoughtful notes and tiny clothes, we’ve received meals.

We had a weekend of incredible dinners brought to us, enough for a feast and leftovers for lunch the next day. It was a bounty of salads, beautifully prepared meats and vegetables and fresh berries for dessert that left all of us very full and very happy. It was not only delicious but also unexpected and so very appreciated.

One afternoon I sent my husband a message saying I was very tired and that I would defrost something from the freezer for dinner instead of cooking. He replied that a coworker had brought in a home cooked meal for us that he was bringing home for dinner. Fortuitous timing that I was so grateful for. As we tucked into a beautiful homemade meal that evening I felt so much gratitude for the kindness of friends.

Every meal that has been made for us has been a delight in so many ways: a much needed reprieve from cooking, great fuel for the long nights of being up with a newborn and an inspiration as we tasted flavor combinations and cooking methods that were new to us.

Giving a meal is such a simple gift and yet it has such a big impact.

A meal gives the gift of rest and nourishment. It’s fuel, kindness and a break in a Pyrex container.

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  • My favorite gifts, with all three of our children, were those of food. I felt so cared for and loved while eating the cooking of others.

  • Two years ago I underwent treatment for breast cancer. Needless to say, I didn’t feel much like cooking and being the main chef in the family, well you can imagine how I was feeling. Then a friend of mine organized a meal rotation schedule on a website called Lotsahelpinghands. All of our friends and family signed up and we had fresh meals delivered every other day and a big box of organic fruits and vegetables once a week for AN ENTIRE YEAR! To say I was grateful is a huge understatement. It was the best gift anyone could have given our family and everyone was so happy to help.

      • All is well thank you and I am back to cooking and enjoying it. I have an old cookbook of my Grandma’s and she wrote in it “Nothing shows your lovin like something from the oven”. It’s something we can all do to help out in all kinds of life situations. I’m glad you’re enjoying precious times with your little ones. It’s a special time and goes by so quickly.

  • So true, and so sweet.
    I also remember a few people who stayed to eat with us, which was also lovely in the newborn haze.
    And I’ll never forget the wide-eyed gaze of my best-friend’s much younger13 yo sister, who had baked us a lemon meringue pie, as she looked at my first son and asked “Can I..touch him?”

  • One of my friends is having a hard time paying her bills recently – but she wouldn’t accept money from me. I decided the only way to ensure she was eating well was to give her prepared meals. A nice meal goes a long way for anyone who is in need or not. A good meal makes me feel like everything is right with the world. Thanks for the post :)

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