You Just Made 2440 Meals Without Breaking A Sweat

The comments section is, in my opinion, the best part of blogging. I have learned so much from all of you. After detailing how we’ve simplified or gotten by with less stuff, I am often given the gift of the “next level” to aim for or a useful tip on how to simplify or save […]

The Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle Sale

This sale has now closed. Note: I don’t usually post specifically about e-book sales but a big one starts today that has some some great books, including mine, in it. If you’re interested read on. If not, I’ll have some new posts up later this week. For 6 days only, from April 29th to May […]

Didn’t Buy It: A Double Stroller

Here’s an admission from a car-free family: our three year-old prefers the bus, or a car, to walking. I thought that not having a car would turn our oldest into a fantastic walker. Alas, this is not so. Taxi rides are met with delight. There are tears when we have to get off of a […]

Why I Love An Empty Fridge

On Saturday evening we were down to one avocado, half a pack of bacon and three boiled eggs. Photo evidence of the empty state of our refrigerator is above. Dinner, a curry I had made and frozen two weeks prior, was warming on the stove. The grocery delivery was expected at any moment. I felt […]

Are You Feeling Laundry Overwhelm?

My mother bought me a laundry basket when she was visiting at the beginning of the year. It was for the baby’s clothes. She also bought us: an outfit for each boy, a potato masher, a spatula, a basket, guest towels. I don’t think she reads this blog… The laundry basket broke soon after it’s […]

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