Five Ways to Buy Joy and Simplicity Parenting in Action

Someone recently asked me how I ‘do it all’ with blogging and having young kids. It was an embarrassing email to read not only because I was reading it five days after it was sent but also, I had taken an unplanned two week hiatus from writing, blogging and most online activities. If you’re a […]

Can You Go Minimalist With Potty Training?

  Months ago another blogger asked me if I knew of or had any information on simplified potty training. My curiosity was piqued. I started asking other parents how they trained their kids and read up on some popular methods. There are so many, many ways to go about potty training. What would make one […]

What If Clothes Could Grow With Your Kid?

The new baby is coming up on four months old and he’s already outgrown two rounds of clothing sizes. When you’re supposed to double your weight in six months it’s not surprising that you’ll outgrow your footed pajamas every six weeks. That’s how it goes with children, right? They keep outgrowing clothes and parents keep […]

Use It or Lose It: The Case for Giving, Donating or Selling Instead of Storing

  The phrase “Use It Or Lose It” came to mind recently as I organized our cloth diapering supplies. They had been boxed up for close to two years and after one wash the elastics in the legs and back fell apart. Admittedly, I was surprised. I had naively thought that those sweet pocket diapers […]

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