How To Be Rich (Without A Lot Of Money Or Stuff)

There are two ways to be rich:
One is by acquiring much,
and the other is by desiring little.
~Jackie French Koller

I am very wealthy. Rich in fact.

Of course, we’re not able to retire early.

We have a lot of years left on our mortgage.

We don’t own a car. I ride the bus. We do a lot of walking.

My wardrobe is small, and the labels are not designer.

Our home is simply furnished and relatively small. The decor is kid friendly and welcoming.

I track every penny we spend. Our budget is debated and examined often by me and my husband.

Our oldest son has a small collection of toys many of which were bought second hand.

Our new baby plays with plastic cups and chews on well worn receiving blankets.

They are both clothed in a mix of hand-me-downs, second hand purchases and…
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  • I love this post!! I never knew there were budgeting apps before I read your blog (silly, I know). In my search I found a great one and I wanted to share it with you:

    Thanks to your posts, the fact that you “did it”; I feel I’m one step closer to being a stay-at-home mom and paying off our debts!

    • Heard lots of good things about YNAB. Great that you have started budgeting and found a system that works for you! :)
      Good luck with the debt pay off. So hard but so worth it.

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